The only city in the world where residents travel by plane to work

The only city in the world where residents travel by plane to work

Most people believe travel by plane A privilege, because although some people consider it to be an expensive transport, the advantage of being able to reach another city, country or continent faster than any other means makes it one of the most used transports around the world. makes. For this reason, most people analyze its use if they go somewhere far away especially on holidays or for work.

However one disadvantage of traveling by plane is its cost, as it is the most expensive mode of transportation, few people have the luxury of using it a few times a year, however, believe it or not, there is a place where Where people use it daily, yes, because it is the mode of transportation they have to use to get more or less anything from their workplace.

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City where airplanes are used daily to get to work

If you are one of those people who is intimidated by the prices of flights, you will not believe that they have to be in one city scotland, Well, imagine that you have to take a plane every day to go to work. Yes, as you read, the use of airplanes in this country is mandatory for the residents of this country. The islands of Orkney, Westray and Papa Westray, Well, they have to fly every day to get to work, but fear not, because the journey only takes two minutes.

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Scotland is famous for its stunning scenery and bagpipes, although it is also home to the world’s shortest non-stop flight. Well, a plane is responsible for transporting residents from one of the aforementioned islands to the other, a journey that takes only 120 seconds to cover the distance of 2.7 kilometers between the islands. Most of those using this transitory route are mainly students, teachers and health workers.

Since 1967, this route has been operated by a regional airline called Loganair, which officially sets a departure time of one and a half minutes on the route, although, depending on air conditions, etc., this route has taken up to 53 minutes. Is. Seconds from takeoff to landing, yes, if we talk about price, what do you think about the expense 20 pounds For a flight of less than two minutes per day?

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