“The pain is very strong”: Miguel Pinera’s emotional arrival at the death of his brother Sebastian


Following the death of his brother in a plane crash this Tuesday, the artist finally reached out to him.

Although the television face, Miguel ‘Negro’ Pinera He bid farewell to his brother with an emotional dedication on his social networks. This Wednesday, upon his arrival at the former National Congress, where his remains are buried, the artist was “reunited” with the former president.

About an hour after the coffin arrived, Miguel approached the compound, where he was approached by the press stationed at the scene.

Sebastian’s brother, dressed in his typical clothes and black hat, with his hair braided clearly distressed and sad For the death of the former President. “I have no words” he said in the beginning.

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Despite this, he stood in a corner, where there were many flower arrangements in memory of his dead brother, with the intention of talking to the media, but The feeling of that moment stopped it,

“I have no words, the pain is so intense and I don’t even have words to describe it… No comment”, he said without clarifying the sentence further despite requests from journalists. Likewise, Miguel Piñera thanked the people who attended his wake for their affection.

After seeing him very moved, the communicators decided to release the artist and allow him to enter the vigil.

This Tuesday, a few hours after the announcement of the death of the former president, his brother Miguel dedicated a message to him in which he wrote: “His passing has left a huge void in our lives.”,

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In which she said: “He was an exemplary family man, a visionary businessman, an extraordinary political leader and a tremendous brother (…) Rest in peace, little brother,


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