Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The painful phenomenon of immigration

The topic of immigration This will continue from now on and probably with greater intensity as long as living conditions continue to deteriorate in most countries around the world. Although global gross product is now much higher than in the past, inequality and poverty rates are also much higher.

The problem of Migration has historical roots hard to ignore. For centuries, the great powers of the time plundered and exploited entire countries and regions to bring all possible natural resources to their metropolises, leaving behind only poverty and abandonment. These events have intensified since the Agricultural Revolution and continue to this day without the overwhelming countries experiencing even the slightest containment.

Africa, most of them Asian and Latin American countries They were victims of these historic abuses, which left only poverty and despair. Not only did they embezzle them, but they were also unable to leave an organizational legacy, at least in the areas of legislation, education and order, that would make it easier for them to organize their lives and tasks.

No. They left with their riches without even looking back, lest they be frightened by what they had left behind. Today these prehistory are the main triggers for the current migration crises.

While the world’s wealth is now concentrated in 10% of the world’s countries, the other 90% struggle with poverty, hunger and hopelessness. It seems incredible that while some countries are trying to undertake tourist trips to space, develop new energy technologies or food formulas that will better feed their citizens, poor countries do not even have drinking water available or, in the best case, have to travel kilometers every day, to get a barrel with the vital fluid.

The differences with which work is paid in these two worlds are also not credible: while in the so-called developed world a worker’s working day is paid at $200, in most developing countries these salaries are not reached even in a month of work.

Added to all of the above, in the vast majority of poor countries there is a lack of adherence to clear rules and respectable democratic systems and, rather, we live in a climate of political terror, authoritarianism and organized crime, which in many cases is caused by of course, the population is prepared to flee at any price, even if it means their lives and those of their families.

Despite the daily occurrences of terror, murders, shipwrecks, shootings, suffocation in non-passenger transport, abuse and kidnapping by mafias, there is no light at the end of the tunnel to solve these problems. But on the contrary: as migration increases, mistreatment and contempt for everyone who is looking for a new, dignified life increases, which is not too much to ask.

It would be reasonable to assume that the solution to the problem does not lie in the countries that have exploited them in the past now accepting them into their territory, since in many of them they may not have the physical extent necessary for one Accommodation would be required, but what about? The solution is to implement development plans funded by these countries to take root in their countries.

It is required that all countries that have created their current wealth by attracting large amounts of natural resources from exploited and colonized countries agree on budgets for the implementation of comprehensive socio-economic programs that lead to prosperity and development for the population of these countries, so-called developing countries, because this is the only way it will be possible to keep them in their respective countries.

Nobody wants to be stateless. No one is willing to part with their families, customs and traditions, except those whose living conditions are unbearable.

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