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The places on the body where tattoos go first (and last the longest)

Permanent tattoos, as their name suggests, are designed to last over time. But, unfortunately, they fade progressively over the years and all without exception, he explains. business Insider Lorena Lorenzo, tattoo artist from Toronto.

Even then, There are certain factors that will make your tattoo evaporate faster, such as sun exposure and friction.Let this expert know.

Therefore, if you are considering getting a tattoo and you are concerned that it will fade too quickly, it is important that you Think carefully about which part of the body you do it.

Why do tattoos fade?

Some tattoos are designed to fade, but we’re not talking about that one.

when you get a permanent tattooThe artist inserts the ink into the inner layer of the skin, or dermis., “If the tattoo artist doesn’t ink deep enough, the tattoo can wear off too soon,” says Nashville tattoo artist Dave Schurman.

If the tattoo is done correctly, A person’s lifestyle can cause the design to fade more quickly.

For example, spending a lot of time in the sun or wearing tight clothing that regularly rubs against the tattoo This can make it fade more quickly, says Schurman.

others Skin changes, such as weight gain or stretching due to pregnancy, also cause tattoos to fade more quickly.says New York-based dermatologist David Kim.

And the last thing to consider is color: “Colors closest to your skin tone will appear to fade faster because there’s less contrast,” says Schurman.

aYes, if you have fair skin and you choose a peach-toned tattoo, it may not be noticeable for a long timeAnd the same goes for dark skin and brown ink.

Where Tattoos Are Most and Least Likely to Fade

Considering all the factors that affect the longevity of a tattoo, Both Lorenzo and Schurman agree that there are certain areas of the body where a tattoo will fade faster. Due to friction which cannot be prevented or avoided.

Places such as the hands and feet are examples.

Areas where tattoos are more likely to fade

  • fingers
  • manos
  • doll
  • Palmas
  • Pies
  • wrinkled areas, such as the elbow, neck, or underarm area
  • areas most often exposed to the sun
  • vulnerable areas

depending on your lifestyle, Your tattoo may not fade as quickly in these areas,

  • ribs
  • Torso
  • upper thigh
  • hip
  • Back
  • Nape or behind ear if you have long hair
  • any area less frequently exposed to sunlight

how to keep tattoo from fading

shurman encourages people to be aware that their tattoos will need to heal over time, That being said, taking a few steps can help your design last longer.

First of all, you need Choose an Experienced Tattoo Artist To apply tattoo properly. Before making an appointment, Read customer reviews and browse the artist’s tattoo portfolio.

Sharman suggests Ask the artist if you can see pictures of tattoos that have already been healed to make sure they were done properly., “Tattoos can look great when first applied, but I’ve seen them fade after a few weeks or months of application,” he says.

How To Take Care Of Tattoo In Summer: Tips And Precautions You Should Keep In Mind

it is also necessary Follow the tattoo artist’s instructions for skin careEspecially during the healing phase, which can last for 2 or 3 weeks.

Moisturize even after the tattoo has healed Treating the tattooed area with an oil-based lotion every day can help it last longer. Because it helps the skin to maintain its elasticity so that the design does not stretch.

and the days you spend in the sun, apply sunscreen to the tattooed area: Schurman recommends a factor of at least 15.

What else you need to know before getting a tattoo

A little planning can go a long way in preventing tattoo fading and keeping you safe from potential medical complications.

research suggests that Tattoos can have potential health risks, such as an allergic reaction or skin infection. Kim recommends going to a qualified tattoo artist who works in a completely sterile environment and can educate you on how to properly care for your tattoo.

can be tattooed Disease outbreaks in people with skin conditions such as psoriasis or vitiligo. People with eczema may experience additional irritation when getting a tattoo. “If you have these conditions, see your doctor before getting a tattoo,” says Kim.

Similarly, experts recommend People who are pregnant and those with heart disease, blood clotting disorders, and a weakened immune system talk to a doctor before getting a tattoo.Because they are at high risk of infection.

if you are going to make a tattoo for the first timeLorenzo recommends knowing which areas of the body hurt the most. Choosing a less painful area for your first tattoo may make the process easier for you. Create a more positive experience, especially if you look forward to getting more tattoos later.

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