The PlayStation 5 nearly doubles the Xbox Series

The PlayStation 5 nearly doubles the Xbox Series, but the Switch remains out of reach

We grew closer, month by month, middle of this generation of consoles. Two particular desktops, the PlayStation 5 and the two Xbox Series models, debuted three years and one month ago.

With them, a person who always rides himself in any aspect, Nintendo, which launched the Switch three years ago … and whose sales remain unattainable for any other console.

The fine print of war

Console sales continue somewhat asymmetrical. Xbox has the challenge of recovering from the low sales of the Xbox One, far from what was achieved by the PlayStation 4, and returning to the road where. if not above, at least close to Sony, as it achieved with the 360.

It didn’t go well at all. The combined sales of the Xbox Series S and the PlayStation 5, which in its fifth version almost doubles the sales of these Xboxes.

At least there is an apparent improvement in One generation, perhaps due to Microsoft’s focus on cloud gaming, the growing importance of Game Pass, or an initial commercial strategy (two models, including one especially cheap and small new generation) much more attractive than the previous one, when the One came with Kinect yes or yes … until they decided to make it optional and then ended with abandoning that accessory altogether.

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Let’s not forget that both, but above all and for the longest time, the PlayStation 5, face high shortage which has made them reach stores in dribs and drabs, favoring speculation on the second-hand market where we’ve seen consoles being offered (and bought) for almost double their RRP.

In Europe, in particular, Sony’s victory over Microsoft in consoles sold this generation is even more stunning. Japan, the birthplace of Sony, almost never bought the Xbox outright. And the United States, the birthplace of Microsoft, shows more support for “his” manufacturer, but this only serves to reduce the gap. Not even in its home country did the Xbox achieve dominance. At least for now.

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Sony also knows how to exploit its loyal user base in its favor, launching exclusives such as ‘Demon Souls’ or ‘Man-Man: Miles Morales’; or a more branded marketing strategy than Microsoft’s.

On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch, with many nuances (it is a different console concept, it hit the market more than three years ago, it is not measured in the same way as Xbox and PlayStation), BUT nothing can cancel its merit.

Nintendo is also looking recover after a bad generationthat of the famous WiiU, and it achieved it in spades: it is already the third best-selling console in history, behind only Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2, and it still has time to sell more units and continue to rise in rank. .

Its proposal, very different from the others, which enhances the best that WiiU has to offer and allows both the game on television and on the go, convinced from the first minute. In addition, its family appeal allows it to reach homes where the presence of consoles is not common, not to mention the exclusivity of Nintendo franchises and the arrival of recognized titles such as ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ or ‘Super Mario. Odyssey’, as well as an ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ that solved the confinement of many people.

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For the curious, this is how the consoles of this generation rank among the best-selling consoles in history, with room on the horizon to increase the positions.

In that ranking, only Nintendo and Sony share the first six positions, the first Xbox – the 360 ​​- the ninth, the WiiU remains in the twenty-fifth position and shows up to the Atari 2600 from 1977 … two generations from the Xbox.