The PlayStation 5 Slim has just been on the market for a few days

The PlayStation 5 Slim has just been on the market for a few days and has a discount on Amazon Mexico for less than 11,900 pesos.

Sony surprised us a few months ago with the announcement of the PlayStation 5 Slim and after its launch in Mexico a few weeks ago, in Amazon Mexico It already has a 10% discount on its price, so its price will remain at 11,899 pesos.

* Some prices may have changed since the last check

This is the version “LIGHT“on PlayStation 5. Compared to the size of the first version, which measures 104 mm in height and 390 mm in width, the Slim measures 96 mm in height and 358 mm in width, making it more compact. . The same happens with individual versions without a disc reader, although the one we are talking about here is the one with a unit for playing physical games.

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In terms of power, It has the same capabilities as the first PS5, but in a device that is almost 30% is not very large. This product has an SSD with 1 TB of storage. You can play titles that support ray tracing, on 4K screens and up to 120 FPS. The console does not include any titles but has a DualSense.

Thanks to its price, it has free shipping for all Amazon Mexico buyers, but if you have Amazon Prime your delivery will be priority. Plus, you can pay for up to 24 months with store financing or up to 6 months interest-free. This is a great opportunity to get into the new generation of Sony consoles and play installments like ‘God of War: Ragnarök’ or the upcoming ‘GTA VI’.

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