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The police left the New York Police Department because anti-police sentiment hurt morale

Last year, more than 5,300 New York police officers resigned or retired–a sharp increase of 75% from the previous year–because of widespread riots and in response to the police-related death of George Floyd in May 2020. Morale dropped after the appeal for funding. The leavers accounted for 15% of the total number of leavers.

According to the legal official website, between May 25 and June 24, 2020, 272 police officers resigned from the New York Police Department (NYPD).

On March 25, the New York City Council voted to pass a number of police reform bills that abolished the police’s eligibility exemption clause and opened the way for citizens to prosecute the police for allegations of excessive use of force and unreasonable searches and seizures.

in a Twitter statement On the same day, former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who served during the September 11 terrorist attacks, slammed the ruling.

“No police officer should work in a jurisdiction that does not provide support for the people who work for them. Starting today, I will no longer advise young people to consider the New York Police Department as a profession,” he wrote.

Qualified immunity is a judicial principle created 50 years ago that protects government officials from personal liability for violations of the Constitution, such as the right to be exempt from excessive police force under federal law, as long as these officials do not violate “clearly established” laws.

The legal officer recently published a review article explaining what the police qualification exemption is and why ending it means “the beginning of a new era of crime.”

The article said: “For law enforcement, there may be no more dangerous’reform’ than ending the qualified immunity of the American hero behind the badge.” “For the uneducated, this sounds like a good thing— Until you realize this is a complete scam.”

The author reminds everyone that the police qualification immunity has been repeatedly reviewed, approved and upheld by the US Supreme Court. This means that many confused people who want to abolish it have overlooked an important question: “Why the U.S. Supreme Court has been disagreeing in political views for decades, and why it should “protect the bad police” as the crooks call it,” the article Questioned.

The fact is that qualified immunity “protects the police from not doing the right thing, and then faces a huge financial burden to avoid litigation. Qualified immunity does not protect the police who violate the law,” it explained.

“If common-sense protections to protect politicians, teachers, and other officials are removed from law enforcement, then law enforcement as we know it will end — and the beginning of a new era of rampant crime. Although this may not mean Cities will no longer have police officers, but they just won’t have police officers engaged in effective law enforcement activities. Violent crime has proliferated in cities across the United States, so in this new era of rampant crime, it is not difficult to imagine what cities will become. “

Attorney Lance LoRusso described an impossible situation in which a police officer who is not eligible for an exemption might face this situation.

“You are 15 feet from the free throw line and a man sprints at a teammate 8 feet away with a knife under the rebound. If your TASER fails, your teammate is dead. Before you put down the TASER and draw the gun, you too Will be stabbed. Now you understand the qualified immunity,” he Wrote on Twitter.

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Without qualified immunity, police officers facing endless lawsuits will not be able to complete their work.

Poll: Most black Americans support law enforcement

The CBS News/YouGov poll released at the end of April showed that 70% of black Americans said that the local police did a “very good” or “a little good” in their community. At the same time, 82% of whites and 77% of Hispanics said that the police were “doing very well or a little bit well”.

The combined results of all races show that the support rate of law enforcement agencies is 79%, which echoes the results of the recent Gallup poll, which showed a support rate of 76%.

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Such a high percentage is very different from what some politicians and the media portray.

The legal officer cited the findings of the survey and pointed out that such a high proportion is completely different from what politicians and left-wing media portrayed.

“For whatever reason, those with the lowest trust (politicians, journalists) seem to be very eager to weaken the people with the highest trust (law enforcement officers),” the article reads.

City Council Candidate: Politicians protect criminals, not civilians

Zang Donghui, a resident of Queens, who is running for the 29th district city council, commented that the city’s politicians have reserved qualified immunities for themselves and other civil servants, but only cancelled immunities for the police. He worries that under the current anti-police public opinion and policies, young people are even more reluctant to take the police as a profession.

In a recent interview with Epoch Times, Zang mentioned that after the Freud incident, hundreds of police cars in New York were damaged, and the city council immediately introduced a series of measures to restrict police enforcement. One is the abolition of the 600-person plainclothes police department that specializes in combating gun crimes. Second, the budget of the New York Police Department was cut by $1 billion, resulting in a manpower shortage. Zang said that the reduction in the number of police officers in subway stations has a direct impact on public order.

He pointed out that minority communities, including black communities, suffer the most because of the lack of law enforcement.

“These policies are extremely irresponsible to society, especially to African Americans. They should know that most blacks commit crimes against other blacks. These leftists just dare not face this fact,” he said.

He added that in late April, the New York Police Department lost three police officers in two days. A 34-year-old policeman shot himself at his home in Manhattan, 45-year-old Michael Mundy died of COVID-19, and 43-year-old Anastasio Chakos was drunk while directing traffic on the long river The driver was hit and killed. Island highway. The driver broadcasted a video of himself insulting the police and drinking a few hours before hitting the police.

Zang said that in a normal society, only criminals are afraid of the police. But today, many politicians see everything from the perspective of criminals, not from the perspective of other law-abiding citizens.

He said that he ran for the city council because he wanted to bring “common sense” to the city council to protect the interests of the majority of the community.


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The police left the New York Police Department because anti-police sentiment hurt morale
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