The postponement gives the Chicago White Sox some much-needed rest for their weekend series against the New York Yankees

The postponement gives the Chicago White Sox some much-needed rest for their weekend series against the New York Yankees

The postponement gives the Chicago White Sox some much-needed rest for their weekend series against the New York Yankees

Chicago White Sox pitchers took a far cry from their first series at Guaranteed Rate Field last week against the New York Yankees.

The Yankees won three of the four games, but as the series progressed, the pitching progressed. The Sox scored 25 in the first two games and seven in the last two.

“(We learned) the importance of getting ahead and staying on attack, rather than lagging behind on hitters’ count, relying on making a really good pitch,” starter Dallas Ketchell said earlier this week in Kansas City, Mo. As easy as it sounds, sometimes it is difficult.

“That’s really the main point. Going forward, we want to do a better job. (Pitching coach) Ethan (Katz) really preached it, so that’s a testament to what he’s saying. If we can get on the track, I think we’re going to be really good.”

Keuchel was supposed to start against the Yankees on Friday at Yankee Stadium, but the game was postponed due to impending bad weather.

It will be made as part of a double-header on Sunday, with the first game starting at 2:05 pm central time.

The postponement gave the Sox some respite after playing five games in four days in Kansas City.

“It’s better for everyone,” said Sox manager Tony La Russa. “It’s a good day for our bullpen. It gives (Kendall Graveman) another day (Liam) Hendrix. We could have played, but at this time of year we’ll take it.”

Keuchel will be on the mound for Saturday’s game, which starts at 12:05 p.m.

Johnny Couto will pitch Michael Kopech in Game 1 and Game 2 of Sunday’s doubleheader. The Sox returned Kopech from the paternity list on Friday and selected reliever Ryan Burr to Triple-A Charlotte.

Keuchel (2-3, 5.54 ERA) has been one impressive run after another, most recently against the Yankees on Saturday when he allowed four hits, scored three runs and scored three runs in five scoreless innings.

“I still want to get better to put the count in my side,” he said. “Instead of playing catch-up 2-0 or 1-0, I would like to hover over 60 or 70% of first-pitch strikes. And it’s not out of scope (likely).

“Some of my best years have been 68, 69, 70%. Some bad years have been around 50 so it’s a coin flip. Most of the stuff (Katz) preaches is what I want to do every time I’m out too. ,

Keuchel ignored the decision on Saturday, a game the Sox won 3-2 on an RBI single from Louis Robert in the ninth inning. After an 86-pitch outing, Keschel expressed his disappointment at not pitching in the sixth inning, which led to talks with La Russa the next day.

“We, the team, mostly appreciate and are excited about his five innings,” La Russa said on Sunday. Their history, since I have come here, has not been good in the sixth innings.

Keuchel played a season-high six innings in Boston on May 8. He conceded two runs, both in the sixth, on eight hits in the 3-2 victory.

“I’m a big believer in earning stuff,” said Keuchel, a 2015 American League Cy Young Award winner with the Houston Astros. “I guess my baseball card says I’ve earned some stuff, but at the same time you have to reinvent yourself every five days to be who you want to be. I’m no different.

“Everyone is the same in this room. I told him that this year I’ve only been to Boston in the sixth inning. So the number is going to go down a bit. The more I love being where I am, the better it gets. Both these runs came on some soft contact. More than seeing just two runs on the board in the sixth inning in Boston, these numbers work in my favor.

“Take good with good.”

Keuchel stepped forward and said that she “is nowhere near where I want to be.”

“The last few outings have been a good trend,” Keschel said. “But I want to finish really, really strong, so I want to get out quickly in Cleveland, the first bad (10 runs, eight earned, 10 hits with one run in a plus innings on April 20). It’s just as hard to watch and see. One of the things where we’ll talk about it hopefully here in July and August and with a lot more wins under the belt, too many teams to win and go to six, seven innings.”