The precious gesture of Lionel Messi with his teammate DeAndre Yedlin and the euphoric celebration of David Beckham

Messi and a post-consecration gesture praising him once more
Messi And A Post-Consecration Gesture Praising Him Once More

It was the first Inter-Miami title in history, his 43rd crown, a universe at his feet, his figure towering above all others. However, he chose the precise moment to make a fantastic gesture with one of his companions. Lionel Messi, after the hugs with his sister María Sol, with his partner Antonella Roccuzzo and the congratulations with David Beckham, had a second to turn to his teammate DeAndre Yedlin and give him an element that the footballer could not believe and which he even refused to accept. However, beyond this first refusal, the man from Rosario ended the meeting with a sentence that was as brief as it was insistent: “It’s for you.” It was the moment when he presented the captain’s armband. And it didn’t stop there, because in the middle of the award ceremony, he and his partner insisted on it and gave his message another twist.

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Beating Nashville SC in the League Cup final was a perfect first step for Messi, but also for David Beckham and the Mas brothers, the club’s owners. Rosario’s superb goal seemed to make for the perfect evening but he suffered as the score was tied 1-1 in regulation time and then it was time for penalties, a series where the agony seemed endless as the Story ended at 10:00. 9.

The player from Rosario, who became the biggest winner in the history of the most popular sport in the world, enjoyed his performance like never before in one of the leagues in the ascendant and endured with excitement and relief the extended penalty shootout that inaugurated him 10 -9 to herons.

After the consecration, Messi went straight for goalkeeper Drake Callender, who played a key role in the penalty shootout, an attitude identical to the one he always had with Emiliano Dibu Martínez during Qatar 2022. What followed on the pitch were hugs, the hillman in pink jerseys and the cheers of the players throwing Messi through the air.

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Everyone was very excited about what they witnessed, Gerardo Martino was very touched by the performance. And while they were waiting to get onto the stage for the League Cup winners’ trophy, Messi broke away from the group that was greeting him and went straight in search of Yedlin to present him with the captain’s armband, since the American defender ahead his arrival was 30-old was the team captain. Although he refused to accept it, the man from Rosario did not accept this answer, likewise he put the ribbon on his left arm and said: “This is for you.”

David Beckham And Lionel Messi - An Emotional Picture That Goes Around The World
David Beckham and Lionel Messi – an emotional picture that goes around the world – Credits: @TIM NWACHUKWU

Not only was Messi responsible for giving Yedlin this award, but when they were about to present him with the trophy, the Argentine didn’t lift it from the lectern it was standing on and started gesturing for Yedlin to come closer to the sector, he said him for picking him up and carrying him to the middle of the group of soccer players, when they reached that sector, the two raised the trophy and utter madness broke out.

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The same joy that later shifted to the locker room as well, because when Gerardo Martino was delivering the protocol press conference set up by the MLS, the Inter Miami soccer players stormed into the room screaming, holding bottles of champagne and soaking everyone attending the conference. Above all, it was her job to “bathe” Tata in champagne, who let us know from his smile that he was delighted at the conquest.

The Champagne Rain In Full Press Conference For Gerardo Martino After The Consecration In The League Cup
The champagne rain in full press conference for Gerardo Martino after the consecration in the League Cup


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