The president of Conmebol washes his hands

After the brutal waste of Chile, which is not in the organization of the 2030 World Cup, the president of Conmebol, Alejandro Domínguez, continues with his nods to Pablo Milad, the helmsman of the ANFP.

“With Pablo (Milad) we always talk. Talking to him in private was a pleasure. In this you should always be first and talk about the things they need, Milad and Chile deserve it. There is nothing to hide, on the contrary,” said the Paraguayan leader, in ADN radio statements.

Asked about a possible resignation of Milad from the vice president of Conmebol, Domínguez explained that “it is a personal decision for him. I do not see the reasons why he should resign, and if he does , let’s find out the reasons there. I wish he wasn’t. Milad is a very hardworking person, he is a real soccer leader and wants the best for Chile,” he emphasized.

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“FIFA will survive from this”

And in relation to the exclusion of Chile from the 2030 World Cup, he insisted on his well-known arguments: “What I always do is promote all the countries of South America. Who is more than me who wants Chile will be among the countries that will inaugurate the World Cup. Unfortunately, things are like that. South America does not decide and does not organize. “It belongs to FIFA and they have the last word.”

“There will always be criticism, but there must be a purpose. Nowadays, organizing a World Cup for 48 countries requires a level of demands that requires investment and transfer, because FIFA lives by it. Consider that the Qatar World Cup has a turnover of seven billion and it is estimated that the 2026 World Cup will have a turnover of 11 billion for FIFA,” he added.

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