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Friday, March 5, 2021

The price of a box of chocolates is Rs. 10 crore 90 lakhs Leader

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LOS ANGELES: If you think that only children love chocolate, you may be wrong. Chocolate is very popular among women as well as children. In some cultures, chocolate is used as a symbol of love. There are hundreds of types of chocolate found all over the world. Their prices also vary. However, there are chocolates in the world that are worth billions. ‘Lee Chocolate’ is in this category.

Billions of dollars worth of chocolate is special not only because of its taste but also because of its decoration. In fact, expensive jewelry is offered along with a box of Lee chocolates. This is why crores of rupees have to be paid for this box of chocolates. However, this box is not called a ‘jewelry box’. This is because this jewelry is used to decorate a box of chocolates.

Jewelry used to decorate chocolate boxes also includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewelry. This is why you have to think twice before buying this box of chocolates. However, even though this box of chocolate is not for sale, it proves its undisputed dominance over the price of other chocolates. The box of Lee’s chocolate is priced at 15 1.5 million, or Rs 109 million. This chocolate is made by the company Lake Forest Confection and the decorative work is done by Simon Jewelers.

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