The promoter has opened up about the audience member who died at the Taylor Swift concert in Brazil

The promoter has opened up about the audience member who died at the Taylor Swift concert in Brazil

JAKARTA – Time4fun (T4F) as the promoter of the Taylor Swift concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, opened his voice regarding the death of a spectator at the concert that happened on Friday, November 17 local time.

It was learned that a young woman named Ana Clara Benevides died of a heart attack. Before the concert, he was not feeling well because of the extreme heat. After receiving first aid and being taken to the hospital, his life could not be saved.

In its official statement, T4F apologized for not being able to hold the best concert for Taylor Swift’s fans.

“Regarding the incident in Rio de Janeiro, we apologize to the fans who did not get the best experience,” wrote T4F in an official statement, Thursday, November 23.

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The promoter admitted that he was negligent and did not consider the extreme weather that could have a negative impact on the concert.

“The care and commitment of the entire T4F team is to always provide the best experience to the people we receive, in a safe and comfortable way. “To achieve this goal, our team works with the best practices in the events sector worldwide, as well as strict compliance with the decisions of the authorities in each location where we operate,” said the promoter.

“However, we are all vulnerable to adverse weather conditions, and any best practice can always be improved,” he continued.

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The promoter said that they fixed it after the incident happened. One of them is to create a water distribution center and a more shaded area.

“The increase in temperature due to climate change is a reality. “After last week, we re-evaluated our practices and protocols to apply the lessons we have learned, focusing on conducting the event in extreme temperature environments,” he said.

“Some examples are the creation of new islands for free water distribution (which are always available), providing more shaded areas inside and outside the stadium if possible, and starting the performances at other times, respecting local regulations, as we did on Sunday (November 19). ) and Monday (November 20), as well as other actions,” he continued.

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For your information, the local police also summoned Time4fun on Wednesday, November 22 regarding several complaints from the viewers.