The proposal of the Puebla Group for the course to fight the crisis in Peru


The Society of Puebla, the Latin American Council for Justice and Democracy (CLAJUD) and the group of progressive parliamentarians that compose it, raises the demands of the Peruvian people and addressing the serious crises that continue to cause loss of life and damage to the institution. He went on to win the next race in Peru.

We call on political actors, national and foreign, for a democratic struggle, without labels or hate speech.

We therefore propose to break the cycle of conflict and popular crisis in Peru;

1. First, call a general election as soon as possible;

2. A political platform with representation from all parties, especially those historically excluded, accompanies the transition to the new government, so that no institutional problems exist and a plural and transparent electoral process is maintained;

3. Establish a Truth Commission, with the participation of civil society, to investigate and clarify the facts and responsibilities for serious violations of human rights and the excessive use of violence against the people, which claimed the lives of Peruvians and Peruvians;

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4. To organize a popular consultation or a referendum on the possibility of calling the Constituent Assembly to deliberate and deliberate on structural reforms, to democratize the Nation and to guarantee a new social contract.

5. We ask that the procedural rights of former President Pedro Castello be placed in safety, including an examination of the end of preventive detention.

6. To explore these possibilities and to see the possibilities of drawing a national consensus on them, the Puebla Group asked former judge Baltasar Garzón (member of the Latin American Council of Justice and Democracy of Puebla, CLAJUD) as a future commission. After a few days of moving to Peru, he had to arrange his arrangements with each of the guarantees.

March 2023

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the word

  • Buy Samper, former President of Colombia.
  • Rafael Correa, former President of Peru.
  • Mónica Xavier, former senator and former president of Broad Front, Uruguay.
  • Cecilia Nicolini, Secretary of Climate Change, Argentina.
  • Andrés Arauz, former minister and presidential candidate, Equator.
  • Marco Enríquez-Ominami, former congressman, former presidential candidate, Chile.
  • Eduardo Valdés, National Deputy, President of the RREE Commission, Argentina.
  • Daniel Martínez, former presidential candidate, former mayor of Montisvideo, Uruguay.
  • Carol Proner, Lawyer, Founder of the Association of Lawyers for Democracy, Brazil.
  • Hope Martinez, Senator, Paraguay.
  • Ivan Cepeda, Senator, Colombia.
  • Carlos Ominami, former senator, minister of economy, Chile.
  • Aída García Naranjo, former minister of women and social development, former ambassador of Peru.
  • Carlos Sotelo, former senator, Mexico.
  • Ana Isabel Prera, former Minister of Culture, former ambassador, Guatemala.
  • Camilo Lagos, President of Fundación Progressa, Chile.
  • Verónika Mendoza, former presidential candidate, Peru.
  • Ricardo Patiño, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Minister of Defense, Ecuador.
  • Baltasar Garzón, lawyer, former judge of the national court, member of CLAJUD, Spain.
  • Enrique Santiago, lawyer, deputy, general secretary of the PCE, member of CLAJUD, Spain.
  • Eli Gómez Alcorta, lawyer, former Minister for Women, member of CLAJUD, Argentina.
  • Gerardus Pisarello, lawyer, congressman, member of CLAJUD, Spanish.
  • John Martín Mena, lawyer, secretary of justice, member of CLAJUD, Argentina.
  • Emilio Camacho, lawyer, councilor of the Chamber of Deputies, member of CLAJUD, Paraguay.
  • Gisele Ricobom, lawyer, member of the Society of Lawyers for Democracy, CLAJUD Coordinator, Brazil.
  • Adoration Guamán, academic lawyer of the University of Valencia, member of CLAJUD, Ecuador-Spanish.
  • Virgilio Hernández, lawyer, member of the Andean Parliament, member of CLAJUD, Ecuador.
  • Silvina Romano, PhD in Political Science, CONICET researchers, member of CLAJUD, Argentina.
  • Larissa Ramina, lawyer, member of the Association of Lawyers for Democracy, member of CLAJUD, Brazil.

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