The prosecutor’s office seized 250 million pesos from Jalisco real estate accused of fraud; suffer in the United States and Canada

Guadalajara Jalisco. , From the early hours of this Monday, Millionaires of Real Estate Company Professional Legal Advisors Victims of Fraud (AJP), from apparent outside of Jalisco House In Guadalajara, for Request to recover your money after fraud and the alleged suicide of the owner of the company, Louis Oswaldo N.

After being obtained by the unit’s governor, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez and the head of the State Prosecutor’s Office (FE), Luis Joaquín Mendez Ruiz, those affected were informed of the progress of the investigation, emphasizing the authorities. They should continue the trial so that the proceedings can continue,

Rosa Isela Becerra Hernández, who was part of the delegation that entered with the officials, noted that the FE officials informed her that So far he has 250 million pesos (mdp), seized in various properties of Luis Osvaldo N, who may have taken his own life when investigative agents arrived at his home on Saturday.

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Becerra Hernández said the investigation accelerated after the complaint was filed on Thursday and so far they get stored 203However, the officials told him that he should continue to condemn the AJP fraud. can reach “billions of pesos”,

He also explained that, despite the fact that the majority of those affected are from Guadalajara, Jalisco, there are also reports of people being defrauded by businessman and lawyer Luis Osvaldo En in the United States and Canada, so it is important that they Keep on condemning.

Those who have arrived at Casa Jalisco will be received next Sunday to continue their cases at FE facilities, so it is expected that more complaints against AJP will continue to accumulate this week, emphasizing that this is important. That The complaint goes not only against Luis OsvaldoBut to go against the own properties of everyone involved.

Jalisco businessman accused of video fraud posthumously


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