The Range Rover revolution started with that V8 hatchback concept

The Range Rover revolution started with that V8 hatchback concept

The current range of Range Rover, Land Rover, is now made up of models such as the Evoque and the Velar. However, 19 years ago this was not the case and when the idea was to undergo this brand expansion, the concept was created. It was the Range Rover Stormer, a prototype with folding doors that started the brand revolution.

Our colleagues from Top Gear England were able to see this model again, along with Rover’s chief designer, Andy Rota. Therefore, they remember this creation, which marked the beginning of a new era for society and introduced some elements that are still surprising today.


It took barely 8 months to build this concept presented at the Detroit Motor Show, which shows some aspects of what is to come in the Range Rover range. There are already several models available, but then the launch of the Range Rover Sport was being prepared and that is something that is evident in the design of this prototype.

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In addition to the futuristic appearance, you can see many details that resemble a car that has finally reached production, such as the brand name. And it happened that yes, although the prototype has more freedom in terms of design, it also tries to maintain a firm style. As a result, elements such as the waistline, the larger rear overhangs and the floating roof stand out.

Undoubtedly, all this means that this SUV cannot be confused with foreign brands, but less conventional brands. For example: there are 22 wheels and an element that we now rarely see: cameras that function as mirrors. Now it’s not the star element of this concept, but its doors are split into two parts.

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This way we can approach the interior of the Range Rover Stormer, where the exterior design makes it look much more conventional. Without a doubt, many touches are very noticeable, like the leather seats with a spectacular design, but there are other elements that are more realistic. For example? A little tent from today’s signs.

In addition to this, something that stands out is the inclusion of an electric car brake, which is popular today. Next to the rotary knob is to operate the Terrain Response system, because this car was more like a working model than many prototypes. For what is usually done, he does this.

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Although it is not a production car, the Range Rover Stormer’s engine is a 4.2-liter V8 like the one used in the Jaguar XJR and XKR, so a simple and cheap mechanic was not chosen to power the whole set. In fact, it is likely that the sensations behind the wheel will not reach the level of those of the Range Rover Sport that was finally released in 2005.


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