The real-life surgeon who starred in the NBC medical drama Chicago Med. it works

 The real-life surgeon who starred in the NBC medical drama Chicago Med.  it works

Chicago Med is a Chicago medical drama aired on NBC since 2015. The series follows a group of doctors who work to best treat and provide care to patients who come to Chicago Medical Center for help. What some fans don’t realize is that he is a surgeon in the life of the show’s characters.

April 1, 2023 10:59 am

Chicago Meda successful series created by Dick Wolf for the transmission chain NBC, first aired in 2015 to tell the story of a group of healthcare professionals who work at the Chicago Medical Center. The medical drama is considered to be the best of its kind on television, as it depicts more than 80 percent of the reality of the reasoning.

Chicago Med had a real-life surgeon on the cast

The show is now airing on NBC at 8 p.m. For nearly a decade, fans of Chicago Med have been delighted with the stories and arcs for each of its characters. The writing of the series, together with the quality of the interpretation of the actors, has a major role in the immense success that the television production has had throughout this season, which makes it one of the favorites.

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Although Chicago Med is a fictional show, it is one of the most believable medical series on screen. The production has professional advisors in the health sector who pay attention to the details of what happens in each scene. But what many people probably don’t know is that the cast of the medical drama is also made up of real-life surgeons.

It’s about a Chicago Med star who takes method acting to a whole new level. Fans may have met Dr. Godfrey Aran as a neuro resident at the Chicago Medical Center. He appeared on screen in five episodes of the show. It turns out that the doctor is a real actor.

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The real life surgeon Dr. Oren Gottfried himself appeared in five episodes of Chicago Med. he did

Dr. Gottfried She is a board-certified neurosurgeon in Raleigh, North Carolina, according to He then became a medical consultant for Chicago Med to oversee the precision medicine program. As a result, in a few episodes the neurosurgeon and neuro implant got some screen time.

In an interview with Coming soon Dr. Oren Gottfried explained that his role in the medical drama Chicago Med came out as a full-fledged clinical consultant on the set of the NBC show for several episodes that included a Neurosurgery scene.

“I worked very carefully with the writers of the event, and they asked me to come into the world and make sure that the scene was as authentic as the story. I enjoyed being on set and working with the actors and the entire production team. I saw an opportunity to learn about neurosurgery in the air,” he said.

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“In one episode, I helped a TV neurosurgeon and a psychiatrist with a complex, craniotomy on an anxious patient. I had a lot of screen time, but no lines,” he says. “Later, I helped create another neurosurgical scene at the writer’s end, appeared on the air, put the character’s name (Dr. Gottfried) and delivered a line on the main stage of the six-star show.’

“I feel happy that there will be more appearances and I look forward to continuing to help the writers and appear on the air. It excites that I say the lines and the topics that appear in me in the meditation that I said and experienced in my life as a neurosurgeon. The emotions that I use to act, in real life when I have experienced similar circumstances”.


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