The ‘reality expert’, Francisco Halzinki, analyzes the challenges facing Cony’s manager: “We have to protect him”

The 'reality expert', Francisco Halzinki, analyzes the challenges facing Cony's manager:

Just a few days away from meeting the big winner of the brother, Página 7 spoke with Francisco Halzinki (@exertoenreality) about what could happen to Cony Capelli outside of prison, considering his rehabilitation and the exposure he will have in the events of the night. His manager, Suro Solar, could be the main factor in this scenario.

“Suro knows how to make the most of the children in reality, but doesn’t work for anyone” He initially stated, emphasizing that, recently, he signed a contract with Fernando ‘Bambino’ Altamirano.

“If he decides to add Fernando to his portfolio of artists, I think so He picked it with tweezers and realized it had potential that needed to be developed, which should be taken advantage of. “I think we will continue to see Fernando in the media or social networks for a long time,” he added.

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Let’s remember that the client portfolio of Suro Solar now reaches 32 celebrities, among them the Brazilians Bruno Zaretti, Flaviana Seeling and Francini Amaral, as well as the Argentinean Luis Mateucci and the Spanish Gala Caldirola.

‘Reality expert’ picks for Cony’s manager: “He will get the best of him”

Let’s remember that Suro Solar already has many events scheduled for Constanza once it leaves the Chilevisión reality show. However, the situation worries some of his fans, who think about the rehabilitation the dancer is experiencing due to his drug addiction.

“I think it speaks to the character that people can have, how they seek help to restore themselves. Cony has the idea that the night world consists of few things if you don’t have a very strong personality.“Halzinki is committed.

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In any case, he emphasized that, “when he took part in the kinds of actions, which he regretted and overcame over time, he was not supported or supported by anyone.”

“Now let’s look at his manager, Suro, who is with Cony 24/7, almost, working with, polishing this diamond, I don’t know if it’s hard, but trying to get the best out of him. . Part of getting the best out of him is taking care of him.” he warned.

For the same reason, he showed that the possible winner of brotherit must be protected and protected so, once he gets to a nightclub, a disco, a pub or something, he can give the best of his performance without having to stay partying, having fun.

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“There are other moments for that. His focus is the work and I have all the faith in Suro, so that it is reasonable that he will improve it in the best possible way,” concluded Francisco.