The reinforcements pushed Colo Colo for the 2024 season

Reinforcements rushed to Colo Colo.

Colo Colo’s 2023 season is almost over. With a campaign full of disappointments, the end of the Chile Cup stands as the perfect opportunity to make up for a year that has not seen many goals achieved. For this reason, the continuation of Gustavo Quinteros begins to be defined and, with that, the task of Sports Management to plan for the next 2024.

For that, reinforcements will be important. This year, the Cacique suffered greatly due to the contribution of the additions that came to Macul’s squad. Late arrivals and others not in their physical prime are the tone of a transfer market unlikely to be remembered as successful.. For this reason, the mission of Daniel Morón and his technical office is to scout the players who guarantee the best performance when they wear the jersey of the Eternal Champion.

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The big enemy for Loro, and for the Blanco y Negro leadership in general, is the uncertainty of what will happen in DT.. Gustavo Quinteros is more outside than inside the institution and, as such, this matter must be resolved before selecting men for the squad. The above, however, is the complete opposite of urgency exists to fasten the reinforcements earlier than in previous years. This, because round 2 of the Copa Libertadores starts in February and, for this reason, they should join the team as soon as possible.

However, despite the urgency, Blanco y Negro still did not think about reinforcements. As DaleAlbo knows, The efforts are clearly focused on the conversations with Gustavo Quinteros and their continuity, so the folder of names as incorporations, for now, is empty.

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Gustavo Quinteros and possible list of reinforcements for Colo Colo

Although no names appear to be coming to Monumental in 2024, Gustavo Quinteros warned that he already has a list of possible reinforcements once he continues to rule Colo Colo. In a press conference before the duel against Curicó Unidos, the white coach pointed that out “The Sports Manager already knows my thoughts and expressed them to the management.”

In closing, the man from Santa Fe assured that “The technical office is working these days to have options when they have to go out and look for players. There is still time. “We have to wait, I hope I can finish this season in the group stage of the Libertadores and if not, play the pre-liberators to get to the groups.”

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Thus, the sports management led by Daniel Morón has a difficult job at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. While all the attention goes to the retention of the coach, The truth is that, similarly, contacts should be initiated with players who appear on a list as possible reinforcements for Colo Colo.