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The remaining age of the sun revealed, the earth will be so scary

Nation World News, CNBC Indonesia The Sun also has an age, currently it is estimated to have been formed 4.6 billion years ago.

It is likely that the remaining lifetime of the Sun is about 10 billion years and changes will occur over time that will lead to the death of the giant star.

For example, in 5 billion years, the Sun will become a red giant. The core of the star is shrinking but will expand outward into the orbit of Mars. That is, in this process the earth will be swallowed up.

However, it is likely that when this happens, life on Earth will no longer exist.

Because, another prediction says that there are only 1 billion years left in human life. Until humans find a way to escape the glare of the Sun, which is increasing by 10% per billion years.

The Sun is expected to form a planetary nebula, a glowing bubble of gas and dust.

Meanwhile, according to an international team of astronomers, the nebula turned out to be the corpse of the Sun in 2018. This point is called the most likely end of life.

When a star dies, it expels gas and dust into space called a shroud. The shroud can reach half the mass of the star.

“This would reveal a stellar core that is still functioning at this point, then runs out of fuel, then dies,” said co-author and astrophysicist Albert Ziljstar from the University of Manchester. science alertWednesday (3/8/2022).

Zilzstar says the hot core will outshine the outgoing envelope within 10,000 years. Only then will the nebula appear.

The research team used a data model that can predict the life cycles of different types of stars. It also knows the brightness of the nebula which is related to the masses of the different stars.

Meanwhile, when the Sun dies and the Earth is still around, Page futurism Write the possibility of humans not becoming aware immediately.

It took them 8.5 minutes to realize that the Sun had disappeared and that the Earth was still orbiting the Sun at 18.5 miles per second.

The death of the Sun would have an effect on many space objects that reflect the Sun’s light, such as the Moon and the entire planet would go dark. In addition, the temperature on Earth will drop to the freezing point. However, it would take millions of years for the planet to completely freeze.

In the first week after the death of the Sun, the temperature on Earth will drop below 0 degrees. It changes to -100 degrees in the next first year and -240 degrees in a few million years.

When this happens, geothermal heat is still felt and those that survive will also move closer to geothermal.

In addition, the process of photosynthesis that requires the sun will stop, the plants will perish and most species will survive for a short time until they perish.

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