The Republicans chose Jim Jordan as their candidate for the leadership of the US House of Representatives

The Republicans chose Jim Jordan as their candidate for the leadership of the US House of Representatives

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan got a second chance on Friday when his party chose him as the candidate to lead the United States House of Representatives, a position that has been vacant since fellow conservative Kevin McCarthy was dismissed on October 3.

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee ran in the previous internal vote, in which Steve Scalise won, but the resignation of the latter on Thursday reopened the race, in which Jordan won by 124 votes against Austin. Scott, who scored 81.

In the last vote, on Wednesday, Scalise got 113 votes and Jordan 99, but that narrow margin expected the former to struggle and decided to withdraw after confirming that in the last vote of the plenary session. in the Lower House He cannot get the necessary support from his colleagues.

Scalise is not guaranteed the favor of the most radical wing of the party, the same one that sponsored the motion against McCarthy, presented by Matt Gaetz.

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This Friday, only 152 Republicans said they would support Jordan in the final vote and another 55 said they would not.

The one who decided in his favor after losing was Scott: “I have a lot of respect for him. He is an asset for the Republican Party and our nominee. “Our party has spoken and now we must unite around it so that Congress can get back to work,” he told X (formerly Twitter).

When the internal race between Scalise and Jordan, the latter obtained the public support of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021). In 2021, while still in the White House, Trump presented Jordan with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States, for being one of his greatest allies in Congress.

The former president later alleged that although he wanted both, Scalise, who is undergoing treatment for blood cancer, should focus on his health instead of trying to become “speaker”, the name by which the position is known in English.

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Jordan, 59, a representative of Ohio’s fourth district, maintains that he took the step to run for office convinced that there is a need for someone who can “bring the team together” and that he is the right person to heal the divide between the radicals. and moderate Republicans and then keep the promises made to the American people.

In that mandate at the end he also promised to protect the moderates and not put them in difficult situations, unlike McCarthy, who was forced to make concessions in the face of the pressures that the most radical demanded of him.

After his nomination, a new phase of negotiations has opened where he must try to guarantee 217 votes before submitting his candidacy to the vote of the entire chamber.

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The Democrats proposed their leader of the House, Hakeem Jeffries, who in January also ran to lead the institution, once against McCarthy.

Jeffries now mocks Jordan for not passing any bills in the 16 years he spent in Congress because they focused, in his opinion, on “conspiracy theories and dividing the American people.”

The interim presidency is currently occupied by conservative Patrick McHenry, but until there is a new speaker, new resolutions or laws cannot be approved by the time the budgets for the current fiscal year are due. which is closed and when it is waiting to allow more help in Ukraine or Israel.

“Republicans remain divided as before and left the weekend without electing a new speaker, so Congress is paralyzed for the tenth day,” criticized the Democratic National Committee today, stressing that the “chaos” installed in the Lower House while the country’s allies need “strong and stable” leadership.