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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The rich have made so much money in the Corona era that they can afford to vaccinate the whole world

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In the last one year of the Corona era, the economic condition of most of the countries of the world has deteriorated and the global economy has also been hit hard. Meanwhile, the income of the world’s top 10 richest people, including Jeff Bezos, Alan Musk and Bill Gates, has risen by half a trillion. Not only that, out of the money these ten rich people have earned in the last one year, they can cover the cost of vaccinating corona all over the world, the Oxfam study claims. The organization, which runs an anti-poverty campaign, obtained wealth data from the Forbes 2020 Billionaire List and Credit Suisse and studied the impact of the Corona epidemic on the world’s rich.

The losses were offset by a rally in the stock market

Oxfam says the world’s 1,000 richest people suffered losses at the start of the Covid-19, but have now made up for their losses as the stock market rebounds. Oxfam, on the other hand, says it will take the world’s poorest more than a decade to recover from their losses. The world’s 1,000 richest people lost 30 percent of their wealth in the early days of the Corona epidemic, but the loss was made up within 10 months.

Jeff Bezos remained the biggest winner

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has been the biggest winner in the last one year. His fortune has risen to 78 78 billion, while Tesla’s Alan Musk’s fortune has risen to 128 128.9 billion. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth has increased by 45 45 billion and Bill Gates’ wealth by 22 22 billion.

Top 10 richest people in the world able to afford vaccinations


Oxfam claims that the world’s top 10 richest people are able to afford two doses of the covid vaccine for every person living on earth. The top 10 richest people can afford these costs, with a total of 14 141.2 billion spent on vaccinations at a cost of 9 9 per dose. In addition, by paying 80 80 billion, they can keep millions of people above the poverty line for a year.

The rich got richer and the poor got poorer

Gabriella Butcher, executive director of Oxfam International, said the wealth of the rich has increased during the Corona era. While the income of the poor has declined. Shopkeepers, healthcare workers and hawkers are struggling to pay their bills and meals. Oxfam has said that by 2030, global poverty levels will worsen through the use of data, especially from World Bank data. Currently 3.4 billion people in the world are living on less than 5. 5.50 a day.

Governments help people and vaccinate everyone

Oxfam has appealed to governments to make sure everyone gets the vaccine and to help those who have lost their jobs financially. “After the coronavirus, the world’s focus should be on eradicating poverty and protecting the planet,” Bacher said. He said governments around the world should invest in public services and focus on low-carbon sectors to create new jobs. In addition, everyone should be provided with education and health facilities.


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