The ‘ring’ of the presidential debates: INE outlines these formats and 12 areas

The 'ring' of the presidential debates: INE outlines these formats and 12 areas

The Debates Commission of National Electoral Institute (INE) endorsed this Thursday the first proposals for places and formats to hold debates between presidential candidates. We provide you with details on how to organize these meetings.

Amid doubts, hesitations and changes on the part of electoral advisers who are members of the Commission and political parties, at least 12 possible areas have been defined, all private areas.

Regarding the formats of the debates, the first one proposes questions from social networks, a “provocation of questions” and a final message on the following topics: education and health; transparency and fight against corruption; without discrimination and vulnerable groups.

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The second proposes themes around the economy, employment, inflation, climate change, infrastructure and development, poverty and inequality. It has two moderators who choose eight people to ask questions directly to the candidates.

In the third debate we will analyze: social policy; insecurity and organized crime; immigration and foreign policy; democracy, pluralism and power sharing.

In the latter, three moderators are thought, one minute segments of the initial answers, “later in the free blocks of the debate they will channel the difference of ideas between the candidates, without prioritizing the stage.”

A “face to face” block with questions and, if there are only three candidates, they have 30 seconds to ask questions and a minute and a half to answer.

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“If there are more than three candidates, it will be drawn live who will ask each candidate, with the possibility of an answer and counter-reply of 30 seconds each. The questions must be about the subjects discussed in the debate.”

These are the places slated for the 2024 presidential debates

According to the preliminary project, the following possible areas are as follows:

  • ITESM CDMX campus
  • ITESM Santa Fe campus
  • Picture Group
  • Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center
  • Quarry Studies
  • Citibanamex Center
  • World Trade Center/Pepsi Center
  • Expo Santa Fe
  • Pan American at the university
  • The Grand Hotel in CDMX
  • IP9
  • Metropolitan Palace.

However, These procedures are for presidential debates – organized within the framework of the 2024 elections – still needs to be revised and presented to the General Council.

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