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The Rise and Transfer Route of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel: This is the Current Panorama of Drug Trafficking in Guatemala

On June 6, the United States government issued a Level 4 warning to its citizens not to travel to San Marcos and Huehuetenango, with the exception of the departmental capitals. All this because of the “crime and drug trafficking that is widespread in their municipalities and because a large part of these areas are under the influence of criminal organizations.”

In fact, that same week, that nation’s ambassador to the country, William Pope, traveled with the defense minister, Henri Reyes, and other government representatives. Tilpa Beach, in Ocos, San Marcos, to open base of operations for naval special forces, Those who want to strengthen access to narcotic narcotics to enhance security.”

and that, in that area, according to official US reports, there has been an increase in Transfer of medicines coming from Colombia, Venezuela and EcuadorMainly, and in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are reached not only by using the Pacific coast, but also by sea.

In addition, they continue to fly over the skies of Guatemala, especially in the departments of San Marcos, Ratalhulu, Suchitepequez, Escuintla, Petén, Quiche and Alta Verapaz.

While in Huehuetenango, despite the fact that no large-scale action has been taken in response to the incidents, and many people have been forced In order not to travel to the border that is now in the village of La Mesilla in the municipality of La Democracia, Things also seem complicated.

According to officials, local criminals are experimenting with planting total coca leaves, expanding marijuana cultivation in places with high poverty rates, storing cocaine in strategic points and continuing a fight , which has been claimed to be fatal to the transfer of business. Territories.

Francisco Rivas, former Interior Minister and expert on drug trafficking issues, confirmed thatUS officials have seen “Need to warn its citizens not to visit certain departments and municipalities for the proliferation of drug trafficking and criminal acts.”

Rivas, who was also the prosecutor for drug offenses, said that “the United States investigates and prosecutes this criminal incident and They are clear that organizations dedicated to the transfer of drugs are working in certain areas and in the case of Ixchiguan they have information that Groups dedicated to promoting the cultivation of poppies work with impunity and are creating a lot of violence and insecurity.”

And in this sense, the government declared a state of siege in that municipality and its neighboring Tajumulco.

“All this adds to the problems that have historically existed in these municipalities because of territorial boundaries,” he said.

For Rivas, the video warning which was broadcast from Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) Months ago he raised more alarms, reporting that the group had “entered into national territory, specifically the border area of ​​Huehuetenango, and from there they operate in the country.”

he has as a partner Local Group Los Huistaswhich over the years has maintained control of the relocation in that Guatemala region.

,There are public announcements of that cartel, which is one of the most strong and bloodthirsty operating from what is now Mexico and those already in the national territory, and the level of aggression and violence committed by this organization is known, The United States is forced to warn its citizens”, commented Rivas.

But added to the presence of characters associated with CJNG, a group that already dominates the Mexican state of Chiapas and continues to expand, other factors also appear, such as the planting of coca leaves, marijuana and some in the regions. Disputes over territories National Pacific ..

Finally, the point is that the United States has begun to push for stopping this criminal group as it once did. Zetas who worked in the country.

jalisco new generation

Concern is the presence of CJNG in San Marcos and Huehuetenango, which, according to the investigation, has determined that They have sent messengers to do business with local drug trafficking groups.,

Prosecutor for Drug Offenses of Ministry of Public (MP) They have performed telephone intercepts over the past two years and confirmed calls between Mexico and Guatemalan involving CJNG. The objective is to plan a strategy for transporting narcotics into that area and then dropping them into Mexico and the United States as the final destination.

In the case of San Marcos, they have identified those linked to the detainees and those who have been extradited, Juan Ortiz, aka Chamale and Eric Suniga, aka Pocho, former mayor of Ayutla (Tekun Uman) and died in an American prison among others.

It is these characters who maintain contact with the members of CJNG, while in Huehuetenango they are Los Huistas.

The deputy head of the drug prosecutor’s office, Alan Azitaz, explained that because of their proximity to San Marcos and Huehuetenango, Mexico, there is a Relevant presence of organized drug trafficking groups “Since it is an important point for land and sea transfer of narcotics. Therefore, the appearance is constant”.

In fact, officials are investigating the CJNG’s disruption in the disputed areas of Ixchiguán and Tajumulco, which for now is experiencing a state of siege. Armed clashes involving the dead and injured between civilians and security forces.

ie in the case of San Marcos, its high plateau and its access to the sea, keep the door open for traffic through these routes.But they have also become centers of handling and warehousing of drugs, especially cocaine, which they distribute to Marx’s municipalities and surrounding departments such as Quetzaltenango.

Regarding focusing only on CJNG to avoid what is happening in San Marcos, Ajiataz warned: “Not only do you have to focus on them, because there are also groups of Colombians and Ecuadorians Which has influence not only in Guatemala, but also in Honduras and El Salvador.”

The deputy head of the prosecutor’s office said there shouldn’t be a problem “Be isolated, only for Guatemala. this is wrong. We share coca leaf production with Honduras, Let alone some South American countries, Mexico and the United States, among other issues with El Salvador and therefore with the rest of Central America”.

peten and the east

On June 1, Mexican Euclides Ramos Mina, 34, Eric Eduardo Vidal Gonzalez, 19, and Jorge Alberto Romero Guichard, 23, were murdered near a garbage dump in the Purusilla hamlet, Santa Ana, Petén. He had a record in a neighboring country for petty crimes and the first investigations linked him to drug trafficking groups that maintained links with local clans operating in municipalities adjacent to Mexican territories.

researchers of National Civil Police (PNC) He revealed that, because of the criminal scene, everything points to the fact that some goods, money or drugs were robbed from him.

It was first reported that they belonged to mexican armyBut he only later determined that he had a military reserve card.

Is this CJNG? Everything points to yes. Actually, last January The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office reported the seizure of a luxurious narco jet in Petena who used to transport more than a ton of cocaine and will be obtained by that criminal group. The incident happened in late 2021 and was revealed by investigation on January 10.

The goods, believed to have arrived from the Colombian border with Venezuela, were airlifted to the Department of Northern Guatemala.

really, Colombian Prosecutor’s Office The statement issued that day specified that “preliminary verification found that narcotic substances” Jalisco was expected by contacts of the New Generation Cartel“In the Guatemala region.

According to Guatemalan Army data, the last aircraft stationed in that area was on 9 April In the community of Santa Amelia in the municipality of San Andrés Petén. There were no arrests or drug seizures.

eight days ago They found one in La Libertad, inside Laguna del Tigre, and another in Chisek, Alta Verapaz. They didn’t even detect drugs and arrested anyone.

Army spokesman Rubén Tellez confirmed the discovery of these and four other planes. The first of the year was in the village of Las Tortugas, Cobán, Alta Verapaz, and on 31 March in Purulha, Baja Verapaz, in the Sierra de las Minas. They later found 932 kg of cocaine and charred bodies. The plane is believed to have fallen to the ground.

The last drug plane was located in La Gomera, Escuintla, on 19 April. In recent weeks, law enforcement officials have disabled covert runways in the departments of the South, Ratlhuleu, Suchitepquez and Escuintla, which share the Pacific coast.

According to Ajitaz, Petén is another area due to its border with Mexico, where they have noted the presence of CJNG, but are working in the same way as in San Marcos and Huehuetenango: local links on trade with Mexican envoys. have a conversation.

The United States government is on alert Prior to the cartel’s presence in that location, as well as in Huehuetenango and San Marcos, and that is why it has strengthened its intelligence to prevent incursions such as the Los Jetas that took place between 2008 and 2010.

they believe that The physical presence of CJNG members should be a reason to tighten controls Those borders, and that’s why the first action was to establish a checkpoint in Ocos, San Marcos.

Arrodi López Fuentes, the head of the PNC’s General Subdirectorate of Anti-Narcotics Information Analysis (Sagaya), acknowledged that they are on alert and investigating the organization’s presence in the national arena.

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