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The risk of having a stroke due to high blood pressure or diabetes decreases over the years.

It has been proven that with age, these two specific factors decrease, but there are other factors that remain or increase.

if one of blood vessels that supplies our heart or our brain, a vascular accident occurs, such as a heart attack oh one the strokes, Las cholesterol plaques Those are the reasons why they get clogged, but there are other factors that can cause them.

high blood pressure and diabetes risk

One of the most well-known risk factors is high blood pressure (high blood pressure). Higher pressure increases the force with which the blood is thrown against the walls of the arteries and could damage those walls, or can loosen cholesterol plaques Sticks to the walls and these plaques later block the narrowed blood vessels.

This also diabetes increases the risk. not producing enough insulin, Glucose (sugar) is formed into the blood and damages blood vessels. the walls harden, Stiff tubes are more prone to blockage. Another factor in stroke is because glucose, which goes directly to the brain Through the blood, it is less controlled.

simultaneously, These two factors feed into each other, Having diabetes can increase your chances of getting high blood pressure or vice versa.

How much does the risk decrease over the years?

A study published in the scientific journal Neurology confirms this This risk does not increase as a person ages. But it seems to be happening.

In this research, which analyzed the development of More than 28 thousand patients For 11 years in the United States, they were marked if they had some of the most common risk factors. In addition to high blood pressure and diabetes, others such as smoking or previous heart disease.

The analyzed population was divided into Three age groups: 49 to 69 years, 70 to 74 years and above 74 years,

Among the results were that:

  • In it Younger group patients with diabetes had twice the risk (50% more) suffered a stroke than those who did not have the disease. But this risk is higher in those over 70. was reduced by 30%,
  • patients up to 70 years with high blood pressure they had one 80% higher risk of having a stroke compared to those with blood pressure within normal parameters. Also in this case, the difference between one group and the other narrowed as the years went by.

treatment is still important

,It is important to note that our results does not mean that treatment for high blood pressure and diabetes stop mattering when a person gets old”, pointed out Dr. George Howard of the University of Alabama and author of the study.

medicine and healthy lifestyle They remain a preventive factor, since the risk does not disappear, and in some cases it remains high.

,Furthermore, we have verified that these two distinct factors decrease, but There are other factors that holdSo the final actual risk will depend on each case and your ageadded Dr. Howard. In fact, at the last global count, when all factors were combined, strokes were more frequent among older populations.

What the authors of the study propose is that Doctors take these other factors into account moresuch as smoking or heart problems (especially arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation), as the patient ages.

What can you do to avoid the risk?

Taking good control of our health, a balanced diet and an active life have always been the best assets we have to prevent stroke.

  • check to be sure your blood pressure is not higher than 130/90 mmHg,
  • control cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood
  • follow a Mediterranean diet, low in salt and supplemented with olive oil and nuts.
  • dedicate at least some two and a half hours a week to exercise moderate.

It should be added that in the study, being a North American population, with A 41% black participantsThis factor was also taken into account black population has statistically more strokes, This is usually because they eat poorly and exercise less due to socioeconomic factors.

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