The Rock attacks Cody Rhodes' “crying” fans

The Rock attacks Cody Rhodes'

Rock The WWE Universe has finally entered the game. The former World Champion entered last Friday’s Friday Night SmackDown after being defeated by Cody Rhodes, revealing that The Rock would not be the Royal Rumble winner by nature, but Roman Reigns’ opponent.

This situation greatly upset many fans, who considered Cody Rhodes deserved to end his story And he was treated poorly because of the way WWE handled the situation. He also vented anger against The Rock, whom he believes has no interest in replacing Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania. This matter sparked a huge controversy on the internet, where a large percentage of WWE fans leveled allegations against the company and demanded that Cody face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

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Except for the fight between Bayley and IYO Skye, the main battles have not been decided yet, and tonight we can find out about the rest in a press conference that has been very busy due to what has happened in recent days. The Rock will be one of the protagonists of this convention, and before appearing he has been invited to Pat McAfee’s show in Las Vegas, where Cody has entered very dangerous territory by messing with fans, whom he has dubbed “crybabies.”,

“Cody, I love his passionate fans. Then again, Cody has other passionate fans. They are called, what do you say? Oh, Cody Crybabies. These big men are like, ‘Oh Cody needs to finish his story. “Finish your story now!” The Rock boasted while pretending to type on a computer. “It’s like, wait a second, ‘Hey Dad, do you want to go out and play ball?’ No! ‘Cody is losing and I’m angry.’ The wife comes in, ‘Hey darling, do you want to have sex? Not now, he has to finish his story.’

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,In the end, you have Kodi’s crying babies, Kodi’s fans, and Kodi himself, so there is a clear distinction between all three.,

The Rock has always returned to WWE as a babyface, although these statements may change that. We’ll see what happens at tonight’s WrestleMania press conference, an event that will undoubtedly get people talking.


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