The RSU Consortium is strengthening occupational safety training for its staff


This year, almost 150 training sessions were held in various areas, from working at height to handling machinery and specific hazards.

The Rsu Is Strengthening The Training In Occupational Safety And Health Monitoring Of Its Staff/Rsu

The RSU is strengthening the training in occupational safety and health monitoring of its staff.

The Municipal Solid Waste Consortium (RSU) of Ciudad Real has strengthened its commitment to prevent occupational hazards for the next year, 2024. This was announced after the last annual meeting of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee, which emphasized that, although activity is increasing, accident levels remain in line with previous years.

José Manuel Labrador, manager of the RSU Consortium, led the meeting with Marisol Cuesta, head of the Occupational Risk Prevention department, where business representatives and prevention delegates participated.

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Labrador pointed out “the importance of the plan to intensify training, information, and awareness campaigns for employees in relation to the prevention of occupational hazards.” This strategy will be an “important pillar of the company’s work safety policy” in the coming years, aiming to reduce incidents and their severity. Also, an increase in health surveillance was announced, including new medical examination tests for early detection of health problems.

It is emphasized that, despite the increase in activity, the number of sick leave days remains stable, with 311 days in 2023, 200 less than in 2021, which shows the same figures as last year.

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This year, nearly 150 training sessions were held in various areas, covering everything from work at height to handling machinery and specific hazards. More than 200 workers received detailed information about the risks associated with their jobs.

Next year, surveillance for the prevention of prostate and ovarian cancer will be implemented for workers over 45 years old and all female workers. In 2023, 280 health surveillance examinations and 13 medical consultations were conducted.

The RSU Consortium is committed to improving its facilities to comply with fire protection regulations and making investments to improve facilities and work buildings in its centers.

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In addition, it is planned to improve protective equipment and strengthen surveillance for compliance with safety regulations, with a clear focus on its promotion to staff.