The rubber is regenerated by specialists from Antofagasta

Minera Antucoya recycles 229 tons of used tires: The rubber is regenerated by specialists from Antofagasta

Nearly 229 tons of unused rubber and steel, equivalent to Out-of-Use Tires (NFU) from Minera Antucoya, have been recycled thanks to a project initiated by the company as part of Antofagasta Minerals Circular Economy Strategy.

The Company’s initiative works with the Michelin company, which manages the removal of the material and its transport to Antofagasta, in addition to Rembre and AZA. The latter is in charge of the waste transformation process for the creation of bicycle paths, carpets for soccer fields and safety barriers for roads.

“60 tires were recycled, equivalent to about 229 tons and Minera Antucoya plans to increase the recycling quota gradually, reaching 296 tons by the end of this year, equivalent to 77 unit,” explained the General Manager of Antucoya, Ivo Fadic.

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He added that “According to Antofagasta Minerals’ Circular Economy Strategy, this time we will seek to transform this waste into new resources that can serve as inputs or products in other processes or businesses.”

The project joins other circular economy initiatives promoted by Minera Antucoya in 2023, such as the reuse of more than 600 kilos of textile work material or the recycling of 310
tons of lead anodes from its electrowinning plant.

In January 2023, the objective for the NFU was implemented in the Extended Producer Responsibility Law or REP Law, which regulates waste management from different priority products. This regulation requires industrial consumers to manage and value their NFU, choosing to value them themselves or through a Management System.

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The companies of the Group have opted for an Individual Management System, where both producers/suppliers (Michelin and Bridgestone) must achieve the recycling objective of 25% of the tonnes sold in the past year. According to the same law, in 2027 the recycling objective will be 75% and, from 2030, 100%.

“Our Mining Group withdraws 50% of the NFU of Michelin and 25% of Bridgestone. So far at the Group level we have contributed to the producer’s goals of
recycling 1,400 tons of NFU and it is expected to close the year recycling a total of 1,839 tons “
said Constanza Lazo, category specialist in Food Supply Management.
Antofagasta Minerals.

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