The rude re-entries”: Hugo Valencia lists the reasons for the “sounding” drop in ratings of “Big Brother

“Se ha hecho un trabajo muy bueno”: Hugo Valencia reaparecerá en televisión de la mano de TV+

The Chilevisión reality show, which has become a mandatory topic in social networks and where It reached as high as 17 points in prime time, started to decrease its rating and caused disappointment to its fans since its extension was announced. The situation worsened with the premiere of “Tierra Brava”, on Channel 13, which moved it to second place.

Although it is scheduled to end in October, after the success of “Big Brother,” the Machasa station decided to extend its duration till December. To achieve this, new participants must enter the running of the bulls and bring back most of the faces that have already been removed from the game through two repechages.

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Hugo Valencia, entertainment journalist, made a harsh analysis of this decline and published it on his official Twitter account. “‘Big Brother’ has fallen significantly in the rating, reaching 6 points,” he began by saying in his publication and determined that it was at 11:22 pm

The rude re-entry, the famous hires – Sebastián Ramírez, Federico Farrell, Ignacia Michelson – who ‘resigned’ “A few weeks later, the isolation that was broken a thousand times, without consequence, led to a ‘miracle’ that melted before our eyes,” he said.

Is the magic gone?

Continuing his reflection, Valencia went on to say that “All this killed the class war between Lulos versus Guarenes, and thus the program loses recognition. Now, everyone ‘plays’, and that’s how the surprise, the magic and the nerve that is the most interesting thing about this format is gone.

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Finally, in another publication, he concluded “If none of the entrants wanted to win. If no one cares about the plate. If everyone wants the Fantastic Four to make it to the end. WHAT DO THEY PUT INTO THEM?“.