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The Secrets of “The Godfather”: A Film That Smells Spaghetti and Al Pacino’s Rejection for “Shorty”

Actor, Producer, Playboy, Businessman: Robert Evans Was The Creator Of &Quot;Saint&Quot; And Of &Quot;Chinatown&Quot;Among Other Hollywood Box Office Events
Actor, producer, Playboy, businessman: Robert Evans was the producer of “The Godfather” and “Chinatown”, among other Hollywood box office events.

The film introduces warp, nuance, intelligence, richness of subtexts, subtle characters; It’s basically an opera. It’s just 50 years since the global premiere of “The Godfather,” the family, criminal, and Shakespearean saga,

The film was produced by the famous Robert Evans, Head of Playboy and Business Genius, Paramount Picturesis also responsible for such phenomenal successes chinatown, rosemary’s baby You love story, I met him at the movie premiere in Mexico in 1979 passion at stake, played by his ex-wife, Ali McGraw and our compatriot, tennis player Guillermo Vilas. I took advantage and interviewed him for the program Monica Presents of Canal 13, I was lucky, and even after the camera was off, Evans, born Robert Shapera, continued to answer questions. The thing I was most interested in, apparently, was how did you come to produce the famous story by writer Mario Puzo?

-I met Puzo, who had a gambling debt, and he offered me an outline of texts called “Mafia”. It was about 60 pages. And he told me that word, mafia, had never been used before in the United States. Since I was always interested in this kind of film, I gave him $12,000., And Puzo turned those sketches into novels Saint, Paramount was able to buy it for very little money, because I had already paid for the summary. But still the studio was not interested in filming it, as none of the films dedicated to the organization, as the Mafia was previously called, were successful. Fortunately, I found out the reason for the previous failures: All those movies were made by Jews, not Italians. And there is a difference between a Jew and an Italian. So I called on Francis Ford Coppola to direct it.

Subtitled trailer for Francis Ford Coppola’s film “The Godfather”, released in 1972

But you’re a Jew…

– Yes I am.

– It is curious that he insisted that the film be made by an Italian.

-And I wasn’t wrong. I wanted the film to smell like spaghetti. And it had that smell.

– Said you didn’t want to put Al Pacino.

– No, I didn’t want Pacino, so short. And Francis didn’t want James Cain. So we settled and put both as the shooting time was drawing near.

Robert Evans, His Then-Wife Ali Mcgraw And Actor James Caan At The Film'S Premiere In New York On March 14, 1972 (Bateman Archive)
Robert Evans, his then-wife Ali McGraw and actor James Caan at the film’s premiere in New York on March 14, 1972 (Bateman Archive)

– Is it true that when Coppola showed you the first cut, you urged him to make the film longer?

-Yes. We took it from two hours to about three o’clock.

– But usually manufacturers say to shorten, not to lengthen…

– Distributors don’t like three-hour movies, but this film portrayed not one life, but an entire era. So Francis had to continue shooting, he also shot a spaghetti scene, but then he was afraid to include it. And that I understood.

– Working with Marlon Brando won’t be easy…

– Nobody wanted Marlon to be in the movie, except Francis, and I agreed with him. He was the only person in the world who could play Don Corleone. At that time his career was declining, he could not make a successful film for years and he was in need of money. He did not take the role for an artistic purpose, although he said he liked the book. I guess he never read it. But he wanted that part, he got it and he made history with it.

Francis Ford Coppola With The Corleone Family: James Caan, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino And John Cazale
Francis Ford Coppola with the Corleone Family: James Caan, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and John Cazale

-You also produced chinatown, Why did you choose Jack Nicholson as the lead?

-I discovered Jack in a movie I made with Barbra Streisand. Her smile shakes the walls even before she opens her mouth. It’s a billion dollar smile. And his natural instinct always drives him to do different things. So, he got the idea of ​​that cut on his nose chinatown, Stripes and scars get smaller throughout the film: it was a brilliant conceptual move. And it was unconscious. You didn’t realize it, but he acted like a great hook for Nicholson in that role.

-I see there is Ali McGraw with him…

-I was always friends with my ex-wives. They often call me for advice. And I don’t pay them food, for a very good reason: They made more money than me!

actress of love story When she fell madly in love with Steve McQueen, she left him, filming Getaway, A personal friend of Henry Kissinger, Evans went on to make some of the highest-grossing films in Hollywood.But he also led a life full of scandals: women (he was credited with romances with Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, Raquel Welch, Margaux Hemingway), political maneuvering, arrests, drugs, murder charges.

Fredo (John Cazale) Feels Everything With His Own Eyes: Michael (Al Pacino) Has Signed His Death Warrant
Fredo (John Cazale) feels everything with his own eyes: Michael (Al Pacino) has signed his death warrant

You have worked with some of the most beautiful actresses in cinema. What is the common denominator of all?

Difficulty in interpreting. They have a sort of fourth dimension, a primal presence, a mystery. And they’re complicated, it’s like climbing a roller coaster.

– First of all, with whom did you feel better?

No woman is the best company in Hollywood. is a man. His name is Oscar.

– What did you learn from women?

That they are smarter, more secretive, more intuitive than men. For example, if a woman is having an affair, the husband will never know. But if the man has it, it is enough to touch or look at the woman to feel her. Men have more children than women. God made it that way.

Photograph Interviewed At The Premiere Of The Film Passion At The Stakes In 1979, Played By His Ex-Wife, Ali Mcgraw, And Tennis Player Guillermo Vilas
Photograph interviewed at the premiere of the film Passion at the Stakes in 1979, played by his ex-wife, Ali McGraw, and tennis player Guillermo Vilas

– When did you feel that you were at the peak of your life?

-On the red carpet during the premiere of Saint, I wanted it to be the biggest night in Hollywood history, and it was. All I loved was with me; My then wife Ali McGraw, my brother Charles, Henry Kissinger, one of the most powerful men in the world. That was the highest moment of my life.

A tumultuous life that ended on 26 October 2019 at the age of 89 and after seven marriages. This year, on the 50th anniversary of its premiere in Argentina, Paramount, presumably, dedicated a series to the history of the making. Saint, Evans is played in it by Matthew Goode, who is known for his participation in Crown You good wife,

The series was panned by critics. One of the comments: “The general impression is that we are in the presence of a dramatization of the Wikipedia page”.

Robert Evans must have rolled over in his grave.

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