The selfie that China Suarez shared from the bathroom caught everyone’s attention in detail

The selfie that China Suarez shared from the bathroom caught everyone's attention in detail

Eugenia “La China” Suarez is one of Argentina’s most active celebrities on social media, Although he is responsible for protecting his privacy, he usually shares with his followers various moments from his day-to-day, his work, his travels, his three children, and his partner. But now through a photo taken in the bathroom, he caught the attention of all his fans. Reveal a specific detail of your cell phone.

It’s time for change and new challenges for the Eastalmost angel, His acting career took him across the border and settled in Uruguay to record One movie with joaquin furiel, Both showed that they caught a good wave from the very first moment and enjoyed the recording. In addition, she sought his advice on how to “generate content” on the network, a field that she undoubtedly dominates.

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From Montevideo, Suarez accessed her Instagram account—where she has six million followers—and shared a photo. In this occasion, used bathroom as a platform, Dressed comfortably in black leggings and a white T-shirt and with her hair tied, she posed in front of the mirror and leaned back a bit to lean her elbows against the wall.

Rufina, Magnolia And Amancio'S Mother, Poses For Her Followers From Montevideo (Photo: Instagram @Sangrejaponesa)
Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio’s mother, poses for her followers from Montevideo (Photo: Instagram @sangrejaponesa)

The pose she chose for the selfie allowed her to show off three of her tattoos: the anchor on her right wrist, the heart adorning her ring finger, and The mouse that was made on his left hand in honor of his friend Sofia SarakanyaWho died on March 29, 2021. But, in addition to the marks on their skin, it was also possible to make a distinction. The tiny detail of his cell phone cover that caught more than one attention,

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The actress decided to adorn the green colored case that protects her phone with stickers Maneki-neko, the name by which the lucky cat is known in JapanWhich – according to legend- brings good luck to its owner,

In addition to attracting good gestures, with this small gesture visible in the image, he honored his roots, as his maternal grandmother Marta Mitzumori was born into a Japanese family that immigrated to Argentina.

The Lucky Cat Is Known As Maneki-Neko In Japan And Zhaokai Mao In China (Photo: Pixabay)
The lucky cat is known as Maneki-neko in Japan and Zhaokai Mao in China (Photo: Pixabay)

On several occasions, the formerATAV He expressed his strong ties to his mother’s family. Even her Instagram username is “Japanese blood”, although she is nicknamed “China” because of her puffy eyes. In fact, it has caused him some conflict in the past.

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“I had an issue with the Japanese ambassador. My brother Augustine is very involved with Japan and has traveled many times, I haven’t had the luck to go yet. The ambassador didn’t invite me anywhere and finally told him that the reason was that They called me China, but I had Japanese blood”, she said some time ago, when she was invited to the program of Mirtha Legrand.


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