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The Senate unanimously supported reducing the work day to 40 hours. – Journal of Constitutions

He presented the results of a common dialogue between the government and the opposition together with the workers’ organizations, and which made it possible to enrich the original proposal, the Senate Chamber unanimously approved (45 votes) the plan that reduces the length of the working day. 45 to 40 hours per week, without a reduction in remuneration.

In this way, the initiative could complete its third process in the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies and must control the changes introduced in the Upper House.

A wide-ranging discussion by the Chamber was closely followed by, among others, the leaders of different associations and trade organizations who participated in discussions and debates about this organization.

It should be noted that, according to this new change, the super work systems and the 4×3 change system have been set up for areas such as mining, fishing or tourism. On the other hand, overtime and its compensation, among other things.

Likewise, the entry into force of the reduction to 40 hours will be gradual with 44 hours in the first year; 42 hours in the third year, and 40 hours in the fifth year from the publication of the law.

At the end of the vote, the president of the Senate, Juan Antonio Coloma, “highlighted the transversal agreement about this proposal, which had been debated for a long time, where there were different visions. At the beginning, it aimed to reduce the day and then different things were modified.

“The degree was generated to accommodate SMEs and also to consider the flexibility to obtain special regulations in areas such as transportation, mining, and fishing, to improve productivity and contribute to our country facing challenges in a different way,” he said. Senator Coloma. .

At the end of the vote, the president of the Senate, Juan Antonio Coloma, “highlighted the transversal agreement about this proposal, which had been debated for a long time, where there were different visions. At the beginning, it aimed to reduce the day and then different things were modified.

“The degree was generated to accommodate SMEs and also to consider the flexibility to obtain special regulations in areas such as transportation, mining, and fishing, to improve productivity and contribute to our country facing challenges in a different way,” he said. Senator Coloma. .

He defined that “this plan is a step and is basically designed for a private group and part of the public sector. The business depends on including the rest of the public administration, including the municipal world”.

Minister of Labor Jeannette Jara evaluated the process of this initiative, which had its origin in the movement of representatives, among whom Daniel Núñez is the current senator; a concurrence of all matters and a consensus came to the senate.

The president of the Labor and Social Welfare Commission, Luciano Cruz Coke, gave a detailed account of the process of this project, which would reduce the working day from 45 to 40 hours, within a period of 5 years and that the system is planning to organize. also other things. The regulations would benefit some 4 million workers.

Meanwhile, Senator Ricardo Lagos Weber, the Chairman of the Commission on Finance, reported on the process of the inquiry that focuses on the rules of his competence and those related to matters of financing and giving. He also emphasized “responsible work and sufficient dialogue to adapt to the needs of smaller companies”.

Senator Matías Walker evaluated the process of this initiative, which is related to “the modernization of labor relations” and highlighted the work of the Minister of Labor and in general “dialogue to reach agreements with SMEs gradually, considering small and medium-sized companies, because they are also workers and have families” .

Senator Pedro Araya has this “social” role because he will improve the conditions of the workers’ lives; in economics it also has an impact on employment and the effect depends on the internalization of costs…. From a political point of view, this project differs from the original initiative and the information is emerging through debate and legislative dialogue.

Senator Iván Moreira noted that “the opposition will agree to the agreement”, but “unfortunately it was neglected by the executive and the minister at the time of making the recognition. This proposal was amended in the Senate and it is preferred to confirm that this is the result of the current government and the minister of Vallejo. Collaboration is requested from the opposition but when it is obtained, the officers silenced it,” he said.

Senator Enrique van Rysselberghe mentioned that “at the beginning, this proposal generated a series of doubts, this opinion was increased by alarming messages from various trade union organizations and SME organizations. In the Senate, the spirit of conversation and dialogue prevailed, which made it possible to remove the elements of uncertainty and to implement the plan to reduce working hours “.

Senator Isabel Allende mentioned that “this is a historic demand for workers and workers… we cannot ignore the fact that developed countries have shorter working hours, but also present more productive products and that way more training is necessary. workers and workers”.


Gaston Saavedra

“Historical, tough, arduous battle… It is used and therefore the proposal in this Senate was agreed to protect it and small and medium-sized companies…” and with this change, step by step. , production must improve. (…) We still have another project pending for better labor relations: a collective agreement (…)”.

Roderic of Galilee

“The great merit of this plan is to find a reasonable solution for almost all areas, all companies and types of workers, but do not be deceived, this challenges; workers and companies that are not more productive are going to have problems in the future, so take it very seriously.”

John Ignatius Latorre

“There is no argument that a reduction in working hours will decrease productivity, quite the opposite … and progress can be made in a culture of greater gender equity, in co-responsibility. This policy has many positive externalities, even more so when it is the result of an agreement between managers, employers and workers. Thus, real social systems of security are built and which results in a more positive atmosphere for the economy”.

Daniel Núñez

“Thank you to everyone who dared to carry out this project, which at first seemed almost insurmountable (…) This is the task that the President has with his program, but especially with a better quality of life for the workers of Chile (. …) More than 6 million people under the labor of the Code they will receive this benefit”.

John Castle

“We are all happy that the workers have more time to rest, to be with their families, but it leads us to a great challenge…. The workers can help us to make small businesses more efficient and productive (… ) But I was also left with a bit of sadness, this reduction does not involve public officials.

Babylon Quintana

“The nations in the world that have the most productivity have given this discussion a long time ago. France has 35 hours, Australia has 38 hours, Spain has 40 hours and the aspiration to go is 35 hours… this requires adaptability. You need to look at the new information… Here in the senate the plan is given the viability and certainty of some parties”.

Yasna Prefect

“Today is one of those historic working days, when there will be strong support for the gradual reduction of the working day up to 40 hours. Democracy is a space where developments are made that make humane relations to work and work, and where spaces are allowed for family development and improve the quality of life “

Faithful Espinoza

“Workers have never worked 45 hours, much more … the levels of regulation need to be improved, because now there are sectors in which laws are not respected and abuses have been committed since the last century … we can move forward with the 40-hour plan. That is positive, but let’s not neglect the work of safety. The support of SMEs should be transcendental”.

Red Edwards

“This project is a development, an initiative that is completely different from the original one that was limited to replacing the figure without worrying about negative impacts. Today we look at the fuller and more realistic view of the project…we must look at the awareness of the project, the challenge to assume what would mean the implementation was not optimal”.

Richard Lagos

“We should be happy about this new work for the workers. This project is going to be a matter of thanks in the work done by the government and the sitting opposition to talk seriously with the ruling party to see how to move forward. We had to reach a point of proof.”

Ebensperger light

“We hope that the accompanying policies of SMEs will materialize. The city should be public again and I don’t understand why public workers are being left out.”

Alejandra Sepulveda

“This program is an emblem because it was born in the world of the trade union. We understand graduation. We must recognize the 40-hour cohorts assumed. We must see how the tools of SMEs have improved.”

Lucian Cruz Coke

“More than 52% of the approved regulations have been incorporated by the opposition and are the reasons for the dialogue. Flexibility and adaptability have been made to allow one of the most important reforms in the country.

Alvaro Elizalde

“Frequent” is that days can be combined with family work without increased productivity or lower wages. We consider this plan to be approved across the board and this law has no subsequent issues.

Paulina Nunez

“This policy must be emphasized because it puts the country and the workers first. Today there are 45 hours of work per week which cannot exceed 10 hours per day. I appreciate the transparency of the process that closes today.”

Claudia Pascual

“This project overcame several barriers and myths. It took care of itself that the co-responsibility is not only fathers and mothers, but also the State and society… I want to highlight the importance of promoting their rights to the organization of the trade union”.

Francis Chahuan

“It is necessary for the State to contribute to the plan, which has been changed far from the original number only – and, at the Court, a transversal agreement to incorporate flexibility and gradually arrived at a better life of workers” .

Esteban Velasquez

“We must recognize the authority and drive behind this initiative, and the will of the various companies that signed the 40-hour mark, before it was promulgated… It is important to respect the diversity and territorial interests of the State”.

Alexander Kusanovic

“There are many complex issues to be considered in the work of reform, but it is important that a great agreement and consensus has been reached to care and be responsible as Chileans… depend on the responsibilities to achieve greater growth and development. .

Javier Macaya

“This program is relevant given the dizzying changes that the world of work has undergone. From there it is necessary for us to reconcile the rights and the quality of life of the workers. I think the cross-sectional conversation that was achieved in the Senate is very important.

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