The side effects of Nolotil that they sued Health

The side effects of Nolotil that they sued Health

The Ministry of Health, led by Mónica García, was sued for its refusal, and the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, to investigate more than 300 cases of damage caused by Nolotil. It is one of the best selling drugs in Spain and one of the most used pain relievers.

The campaign against this drug was started by the Association of People Affected by Drugs (ADAF). As they indicated, due to the lack of information offered about the product, which is banned in nearly 40 countries, and the effects it causes.

The association explains that Nolotil is prescribed for “practically all”, for example, for headache, toothache, knee pain, back pain, before or after surgical interventions, without even warning of its risks. All this, despite the “harmful effects” it causes, in which, so far, they have reported at least 350 cases, although they are convinced that many more will be exposed.

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Side effects of Nolotil

ADAF highlights some of these side effects of Nolotil (metamizole):

  • Cuts.
  • Deaths.
  • Severe allergic reactions.
  • Anaphylactic shock.
  • Agranulocytosis (sudden reduction of the immune system).
  • Kidney or liver damage.
  • Sepsis (a severe reaction of the body to an infection).
  • Multi-organic failure.

In the same way, the association criticizes that the rights of patients are also violated because, on many occasions, they are administered even if they request otherwise or if their history shows that they are allergic, “putting their lives at risk.” ” , they commented. “We want to ensure that everyone receives appropriate, safe and effective treatment,” ADAF said.

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Campaign goals

The Association of People Affected by Drugs has three main goals in its campaign:

1. Get Nolotil to stop prescribing. Especially for people from countries where it is prohibited.

2. Provide support and justice to those affected by Nolotil and demand compensation for the damages suffered. They intend to hold the manufacturers and suppliers of this drug responsible for damages caused by filing legal claims.

3. Knowledge and prevention of the side effects of this medicine.