The Simpsons: This is what “Santa's Little Helper” would be like if it were a real dog, according to artificial intelligence

The Simpsons: This is what

Under the series ‘the Simpson’ is one of the audience’s favorite characters “Santa’s Helper” the dog they adopted homing pigeon this bart After being abandoned, and now it is thanks to the device of artificial intelligence So we can know a more realistic version of the iconic mascot The most famous yellow family in the world,

the story of “Santa’s Helper” This is somewhat strange; We are talking about a brown English greyhound that participated in a race springfield, but after the last finish, it was abandoned by its owner. Both in this chapter bart As homing pigeon They participate in the race and bet on it and, in the end, decide to stick with it.

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Artificial Intelligence: This is what “Santa’s Little Helper” from ‘The Simpsons’ would look like in real life

Stories, whether real or cartoon, where pets appear usually evoke deep sympathy in the audience and the case “Santa’s Helper” and adopted by the Simpson A good example of this, because, throughout the series, he becomes inseparable Bart Simpson And now he has become the redesigning vessel for artificial intelligence,

These are the times when such technological innovations surprise more and more, and we can see it with great feeling that the realistic images of the characters ‘the Simpson’, ‘Knights of the Zodiac’ loss ‘Looney Tunes’ Made by various extremely sophisticated equipment, besides much more.

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User of social network for some time Twitter) Is known @cfenolosa has been in charge of recreating family members simpson from a more human point of view and now it’s time “Santa’s Helper” (Also called “bones” in some chapters) and the result is the following:

first, thank you artificial intelligence We have been able to meet many characters ‘the Simpson’ From “Maggie” Even others like it “Otto”, “Barney” this “Apu” And, as with those cases, a humanized version of “Santa’s Helper” This does not cause any harm at all.


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