The solution if the Meta AI button is not visible in WhatsApp | SPORTS

 The solution if the Meta AI button is not visible in WhatsApp |  SPORTS

A few weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg presented his new artificial intelligence called Meta AI, a conversational chatbot with similar functions to ChatGPT and LuzIA. This modern technology is not only added to WhatsApp, it also reaches Instagram and Messenger without having to download additional applications.

It is true that Meta AI will be independent, meaning it has its own application on Google Play and the App Store, but you can also use it for free through WhatsApp, so you can get information, recommendations, ask questions, create images and sticker design.

In the beta version of WhatsApp for Android users, it is possible to know the real location of the shortcut of the mentioned AI, it is above the floating action button (section to enter your contact list), didn’t it show?? Here we offer you the definitive solution.

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The guide to activate the Meta AI shortcut in WhatsApp

  • First, enter the WhatsApp beta program for Android.
  • Now, press the icon of your profile picture (it’s on the top right).
  • Find and click on the section that says “Chats”.
  • Finally, turn on the switch labeled “Show Meta AI Button.”
  • Return to the main interface and you will notice that the AI ​​shortcut appears.