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The Story Behind Hero Children

A story that I do not want my children to understand as a heroic act. In my favor, Francisco Márquez is only 14 years old. Jump to Chapultepec Castle for the country. Where is your mom? To hold it in a pinch. “Get down there kid!” Aren’t there adults around? Yes, Juan Escutia is 20 years old. And he wrapped himself in the flag to throw himself on the rocks. Two theories. The first was that the US military found him drunk. He fell on the flag. The story didn’t add up to me because when you hit the flag, it’s a small piece… not the whole flag. What I believe is that they don’t exist. That battle was lost. Texas is from the United States. Yes. There are heroes, but they are not. They are more fake than the Kardashian body. For that, for heroes: General Anaya or Colonel Lucas Balderas.

Summary of facts: After Mexican independence, Texas was part of Mexico. However, as more American settlers settled in Texas, tension arose between these settlers and the Mexican government, which attempted to maintain control over the region.

Although they stopped blinking. In 1836, Texas declared its independence from Mexico and became the Republic of Texas, leading to a conflict known as the Texas Revolt or Texas Revolution.

Tensions between Mexico and the United States had been growing for several years prior to the start of the war. One of the main points of conflict is the border dispute between Texas and Mexico. Texas, once a province of Mexico, became independent from Mexico in 1836 and was annexed by the United States in 1845, increasing tensions between the two countries. This is the reason for the war. Mexico considers this independence a violation of its sovereignty and a provocation.

Today, Mexico is not a stable country. In this period (9 years) we have gone through 7 presidents. Miguel Barragán resigned from the presidency due to health issues. This independence of Texas fell to José Justo Corro, as interim president. Nicolás Bravo has been uploaded for 8 months. Anastasio Bustamante rose after two years, Valentín Gomez Farías returned, then Nicolás Bravo, then Valentin Gomez Farías, Valentín Canalizo… Mexico experienced complete instability. We still haven’t finished organizing ourselves after independence.

We have everything. Internal conflicts due to the rivalry of political factions, military pressure due to rebellions in the north of the country… and in the south (in Oaxaca), the economy is very dangerous (because we are still facing the results of Independence and there. is complete economic disorganization). There is rejection from some conservative groups that the president has a monopoly on business and influence.

Mexico is not organized. The United States came and said “Comper”… Do you think there are child heroes? Santa Anna went up and down. He couldn’t handle the tensions in Texas. That is why this conflict ended with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe, where Mexico ceded a large amount of territory to the United States, including California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and parts of other states. No. We didn’t win. We lost. No Child Heroes. There is a great loss. That they went out to fight without bullets, hand to hand, with the knife of their rifle… For God’s sake!

This story of six cadets is a myth of heroism. To tell another story in the face of defeat. They weren’t drunk, they didn’t lose their lives… they didn’t exist. And we continue to remember that day as if we had won. There are no bodies, nor historical records of children at that time.

This is just a narrative around his sacrifice, exaggerated or exaggerated, to promote unity and patriotism in Mexico at a time when the country was divided, weakened, and devastated by war.

What happened? That people are like heroes… Mexico needs a Superman. The cape is the flag. This is a cultural narrative that further distorts reality. As they do on a sad night. It is that when Hernán Cortés cried…. It doesn’t matter. We all cried and that story was in Spanish. Yes, we have been indoctrinated for a long time. And what we know about history… brings many stories.

It is important to approach history in a balanced way, recognizing the achievements and mistakes of people and historical events. This allows us to gain a more complete and accurate understanding of our history and how society has evolved over time. That’s why? So that it doesn’t happen again.

Today books are more reviled than ever. My mission in this message is to tell the story.

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