The story of how John Travolta rejected a story (Oscar worthy) written for him because “the script wasn't good enough”

The story of how John Travolta rejected a story (Oscar worthy) written for him because

Movie star regrets Denzel Washington being nominated for a gold statue

When we think of iconic film actors, we can’t help but remember their most memorable scenes on the big screen, And the strange case of John Travolta and his historic filmography Since the 70’s we have always seen him shaking his hips, and since his great role in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and up to his appearance in the comedy ‘Hairspray’, he has become an actor who has become iconic To showcase your best moves in cinema Although, of course, there are decisions that he also regrets, such as that time and who rejected a story script written for him Which, ironically, was nominated for an Oscar.

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The year 2000 proved to be a great milestone for Travolta’s career, with big hits like ‘Pulp Fiction’, Everything started to slow down: fewer projects and supporting roles in action films that did not even reach cinemas, thus beginning the decline of his popularity as one of the most recognized leading men in the industry.

However, that may have changed when a screenwriter came along and offered him a film, but not just one. But one is written especially for him, Travolta himself thus rejected a leading role with Robert Zemeckis (director of ‘Back to the Future’), leaving behind the ideal opportunity to give his career a new lease of life, however, This movie was never made with the ‘Grease’ actor For a decision of his own that he would later regret.

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As he commented at a conference organized by the British Film Institute in 2013, it had fallen into his hands a decade earlier. The Story of William “Whip” Whittaker From the film ‘Flight’, released in 2012, a story that screenwriter John Gatins wrote especially for him, because he is not only a talented actor and dancer: Travolta is also an experienced licensed pilot However, although everything seemed like it would be the perfect role for John, he considered that some elements of the film were too unbelievable, so he decided to turn it down.

“I liked that he was an alcoholic and I liked his journey. But from my point of view the plane thing was stupid. Flying upside down is too much.”Travolta specified at the said conference, Referring to the flying maneuvers performed by his character in the film When the plane malfunctions he reverses it, saving it from crashing.

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Upon not reaching any agreement on changing Travolta’s demands for the said sequence, the actor decided not to participate in the project, hence Denzel Washington His co-star in the film ‘Pelham Train Robbery 123’ became the director’s choice, earning Denzel his sixth Oscar nomination with a script that Travolta had rejected.

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