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The Surefire Way to Delay Aging, According to Science

It is known that, fortunately, sex does much more than just serve the purpose of preserving the human species. It has long been known that it is joy, it is connection, and that it provides many benefits to mental and physical health.

In short, having sex keeps us in good shape when it comes to physical health. Although they do not count as an exercise routine, They help us maintain flexibility and adapt, promote heart health and circulation.

In addition, during sexual activity, endorphins and other neurotransmitters are released, substances that act as pain relievers produced by our own bodies, and provide a feeling of great well-being and happiness. Thus safe and consensual sex also helps in dealing with stress and anxiety. Furthermore, in this emotional sense, it improves self-esteem, makes us feel good about ourselves and, as if that was not enough, Strengthens the emotional connection and intimacy of life in a relationship, even when masturbation is practiced only as a couple.

But this list of benefits is completed by another very interesting fact: sex is a surefire way to delay aging and it is thrown by a person. Study published in scientific journal psychoneuroendocrinology where it was concluded that A higher relationship quality and the presence of sexual intimacy would be associated with longer telomere length and reduced telomerase activity.

telomerase, according to a Article From the Buenos Aires Journal Medicina, telomerase is the enzyme responsible for maintaining the length and telomeres protect the ends of chromosomes by preventing them from fraying or fraying. Every time a cell divides, the telomeres get a little shorter.

Telomeres are like a protective film on DNA and the longer it is the better because they maintain an essential part of the body’s structures. (Getty Creative)

So, of most interest to those of us who are not scientists is telomere They are like a protective film over the DNA and are better in the long run as they retain an essential part of the body’s structures, which means slower ageing.

for longer, Telomeres get shorter with cell division and bad habits like excessive alcohol consumption and poor nutrition, which accelerates their wear. and this study found that Intercourse may have benefits in protecting telomeres with which cells are protected for longer And consequently, aging is delayed.

An interesting fact noted in the study is that telomeres tend to shorten under chronic stress, and lengthen with more positive health behaviors. Furthermore, although few studies have analyzed how social relationships affect this length, there Relationship quality indices were analyzed, ie satisfaction with the relationship and its positive or negative interactions; and sexual intimacy, While relationship quality indices were not associated with significant outcomes, sexual intimacy was.

The study was conducted with 129 healthy women, married or with a stable partner, and mothers, aimed to demonstrate the hypothesis raised in women who were under stress and suggests continuing to deepen with more research, But does not specify the number of sessions of sex for which results were observed.

Sex not only provides physical and mental health benefits, but it is also believed to delay ageing. (getty creative)Sex not only provides physical and mental health benefits, but it is also believed to delay ageing. (getty creative)

Sex not only provides physical and mental health benefits, but is also believed to delay ageing. (Getty Creative)

Before mentioning the numbers it can be said what is really important is the intimate relationship of the couple, that satisfactory relationships are built, But in any case, a Study published in 2015 and developed with over thirty thousand individuals for 40 years, showed that in terms of the pleasure and benefits provided by sex, there was no significant difference between couples who I had sex more than once, and they only did it once.

It is worth saying that although there is very little research in this regard psychoneuroendocrinology point out that “social support and positive relationships can reduce the rate of telomere wear”, which not only makes it worthwhile to focus on having good and frequent sex, But also good friendships, because these relationships also contribute powerfully to delaying aging and maintaining good health.

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