The SUV comes with something you didn't expect but is an excellent purchase option

The SUV comes with something you didn't expect but is an excellent purchase option

One of the most interesting novelties of the season comes from the Korean firm Ssangyong. It is a car full of personality that surprises when passing by due to its aesthetics and its many qualities.

This is its bodywork

In this case, the Torres is a 4.70 meter long SUV characterized by a body that attracts attention when passing by, remaining unnoticed in any situation.

Torres is very functional and has a strong family character

It is a vehicle that, due to its size and performance, can compete in the large SUV segment, similar to the Toyota RAV4 or the Peugeot 3008, although it logically bridges the gap in terms of technology and quality, but also in price. , because it costs the model in its most affordable version 32,000 euros.

The body offers excellent approach and departure angles, making it perfect for leaving the asphalt with complete confidence, especially if we choose the all-wheel drive version.

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The brand also offers extensive customization possibilities for models with a loading bar and even a side hood, similar to the Range Rover.

Optional lockable side drawer

Once the aesthetic impact is overcome, the interior is spacious enough to be considered a family vehicle, with ample space on both the front and rear seats, without giving up the exceptional trunk capacity of 599 litres. , which remains at 463 litres. The versions with all-wheel drive or if we choose the LPG gas version which we will talk about later.

It’s like this inside

Like the rest of the set, the interior is very functional, we do not leave anything out and although it is true that there is no luxury in the finishing materials, they do not deserve the slightest criticism. They are firm and very resistant materials and with a very pleasant appearance, once again everything is focused on functionality.

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Spacious and very well configured interior, although without luxury

The range is composed of a single gasoline engine, a 1.5 four-cylinder block with 163 horsepower, which, contrary to what it might seem, is characterized by moderate consumption on the road, and we say this after traveling more than 1,000 kilometers. One unit of this model.

This is how you drive

On the road it is very comfortable and balanced for the occupants. Obviously this is not a running or fast car, but it is an ideal choice for everyday use and especially on the road, where the comfortable and balanced cushioning comes to the fore and is as reliable as the rest of the package.

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Bodywork has many customization options

Regarding the engine, we only miss a little more thrust in typical acceleration and recovery, or in general in a car with these characteristics. We always recommend selecting the optional automatic transmission. The brand also offers the option to do gas conversion for 2,750 euros, minimizing costs per kilometer and increasing autonomy by having two tanks.

Range and Equipment

In terms of equipment, the Torres offers everything currently needed in terms of both comfort and safety. Therefore, a great purchasing option with the reliability and support that all Korean companies offer.

  • Precio(€)32.000 – 44.000
  • Motorpetrol
  • Rivals: Ford Kuga, Citroen C5 Aircross, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4…
  • Motor:gasoline 1.5
  • Power (HP):163
  • Measurement(m):4,70/1,89/1,72
  • Asel. 0-100 km/h:9,8
  • Trunk (L):599
  • Consumption(L/100km):7,9


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