The SUV that Volkswagen had planned but turned out to be a success for Kia

A new secret of car makers has come to the fore. This prototype SUV that Volkswagen sheltered was taken over and adapted by Kia.

in social networks Photos are circulating of an SUV whose team Volkswagen designed in 2007 As one of the proposals to enter the newborn utility section, At that time it was looking to compete with one of the best-selling Ford EcoSports.

reached the project stage building a real prototypel, but there was something that did not completely reassure the German brand and vehicle It was not approved for presentation to the public, Thus, its serial production was rejected outright.

Although it did not manage to consider and acquire a business name, internally it was known by PQ24 Key ID and was based on the platform of the Volkswagen Fox hatchback. The idea did not succeed in Germany, but Kia. was well received in South Korea by,

Volkswagen Kia Soul

Volkswagen Kia Soul

Story rebuttal: Secret Volkswagen SUV

for the same year (2007) Peter Schreier Left this position to join the Kia creative team working as a designer at a German house. Among the things he came up with were the designs of this prototype that ended customized by korean manufacturer,

retaining it though with some modifications design basicswas launched in the market in 2009 Famous Crossover Kia Soul, Thus saved the concept that one day was in Volkswagen’s hands, but that never happened. a bad decision?

Meanwhile the spirit was gaining popularity and became global model, are among the most characteristic square lines of your body and the distribution of its front part a . with small grill in the centerBig headlights on each side and scout lights in the bumper line.

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Jessica Paola Vera Garcia.


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