The sweet and tender look of Isabel Macedo’s second daughter Julia to visit the pediatrician

The sweet and tender look of Isabel Macedo's second daughter Julia to visit the pediatrician

Isabel Macedo With Juan Manuel Urtube And His Daughter Julia
Isabel Macedo with Juan Manuel Urtube and his daughter Julia

isabelle macedo He usually shares postcards and videos of his daily life on his social networks. On this occasion, he posted some tender pictures of his daughter’s look on his official Instagram account. JuliaWho was born 1 month ago. “We’re going to the pediatrician”, The actress wrote along with a few images of a husky-clad little girl with a teddy bear inside the vehicle.

The Look Of Isabel Macedo'S Daughter Julia
The look of Isabel Macedo’s daughter Julia

pair of Juan Manuel Urtube She keeps sharing about the little girl with her followers on social networks. Recently, the actress showed how she got her ears pierced and told a very emotional story that deals with a very important loved one that happened to her.

It all started when a nurse came to Julia’s house to put on her earrings and told Isabel that she had taken care of her father while he was hospitalized at the Mater Dei clinic. ,And while he was telling me, a bird stuck out the living room window. I don’t know what you think, it’s pretty obvious to me.” The actress pointed.

The Look Of Isabel Macedo'S Daughter Julia
The look of Isabel Macedo’s daughter Julia

It should be remembered that the actress’s father passed away in 2014, and his memory will live on forever. A few weeks ago, Julia already in his arms, The actress donned her shirt to feel close to her father and shared her strategy on social media to miss him less.

Isabel Macedo Told A Beautiful Anecdote About Her Father
Isabel Macedo told a beautiful anecdote about her father

In mid-July, Macedo and Urtube celebrated the baptism of their youngest daughter. The artist shared postcards of the ceremony at a church in the province of Salta and was attended by many relatives and close friends. “Julia’s baptism, with the love of my life”, wrote Isabelle, with whom she had the eldest daughter belitta and two sons of Urtube, Matthew and Joan.

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It should be remembered that on July 4, the couple announced the birth of Julia on their respective Instagram accounts. With a picture of the child’s hand with an identification seal that says “Urtube (Macedo) 06/01/22″, Salta actress and politician reported birth in writing The word “Julia” between two hearts. and the position was filled immediately Likes More comments. In other figures, he welcomed the younger Eugenia Tobal, Celeste Sid, Augustina Cherry, Brenda Gandini, Agustin Sullivan, Paula Chaves You Sofia Gala Castiglione.

A day later, his elder sister, belittawas able to meet him, “Now yes”, they wrote macedo You urtube In a joint publication that they created from their Instagram account, in which they shared images of the little ones exactly the moment the faces were first seen.

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Although the actress said that The four-year-old was not jealous of the baby’s imminent arrivalThe reality is that no one could know what his reaction would be when he was finally in front of her. However, from what could be seen in the pictures, Belita welcomed her younger sister very well. and her parents helped to do so, as did her maternal grandfather, Lizzie,

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