The Tarot reader has an effect by “progressing” who will win Big Brother: “He will achieve the victory he expects”

Pincoya's farewell from Kuya.

Two days before the long-awaited final of Big Brother Chile, fans are counting down the hours with their nerves on edge. To add tension to matters, a tarot reader “progresses” to become the new winner of the reality show.

Although Constanza Capelli is the favorite of many to be crowned the great winner, Ángela Tarot believes differently, as she predicted in Publimetro.

“I think he will use all his weapons to fight, but for me there is stagnation here. And since there is a stalemate, I can tell you that he will not (win),” he assured.

He admits that “for now he has victory” and “he has a lot of people who love him,” but “there will come a minute that ‘paf’, he will go, he will stop.”

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Of course, he predicted a successful future for him outside the reality show. “He has the future as he hoped. You will have the success you have been waiting for, although you may be brave. Many people can be with him and there are many people who do not want to be around him. “His future looks very bright,” he said.

Who will win Kuya?

With the rejection of Coni Capelli, Ángela dared to announce her winner: Jennifer Galvarini, the Pincoya, “to achieve this victory that she expects.” He said that, even if Coni is a relatively big competition, “Jennifer seems to me that she should win.”

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Meanwhile for Scarlette Gálvez, the taro reader imagines that “justice will come.” He announced that “he was braver than these two women, but he did not win.”