The terrible balance of the pandemic and ‘Brexit’ in the United Kingdom

The terrible balance of the pandemic and 'Brexit' in the United Kingdom: 13 million people in poverty

The country returned to a social division more typical of the Victorian era.

The pandemic left the United Kingdom collapsed into a social division similar to that of the Victorian era, with thirteen million people living in povertybroken families, poor housing and chronic diseases, according to a study by the Center for Social Justice.

The analysis of the think tank shows that the confinements containing covid-19 deepened the differences between the “rich” and the “poor”, creating the so-called “Two Nations” in the era of Queen Victoria (monarch between 1937 and 1901).

The report found “a huge gap between those who get ahead and those who are stuck at the bottom.” “This gap widens after years of extreme family breakdown, unpaid wages, dangerous housing and broken community life, but the lockdown imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic was the dynamite that opened it up,” he said.

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Mental health is a serious problem

The study – titled “Two Nations: The State of Poverty in the UK” – is based on a survey of 6,000 people, as well as information from charities, businesses and experts. Among other things, research shows that young people are particularly affected.

Twenty years ago, one in nine children had a clinically identifiable mental health problem, but that figure is now one in five, while among teenagers aged 17 to 19 the difference is one in four.

The report maintains that by 2030 more than 25 percent of children between the ages of 5 and 15 may have a mental illness, adding that it is likely that by 2030 there will be double the number of children with mental illnesses that they are not imposed. .the imprisonments. “The most disadvantaged see mental illness as the main factor holding them back, which for the general public only ranks fifth,” he said.

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