The Thai police officer who was with Daniel Sancho spoke

Daniel Sancho was arrested by Thai authorities

After months of investigation, the Thai Prosecutor’s Office presented a few weeks ago the report on the murder of doctor Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, in which it formally accused Daniel Sancho of the planned murder. However, he noted that the final autopsy results did not determine what killed the Colombian.

“The final autopsy concluded that the cause of Edwin’s death was undetermined. So, after three reports, the reason for his death remains a mystery. The report established that the body should be examined by several forensic doctors,” he said.

These revelations allowed the Spaniard to plead not guilty to the two crimes he was accused of, only admitting that he had hidden parts of Arrieta’s body on the island of Phangan. Sancho emphasized that the murder of the Colombian doctor was not planned and that his passport was never lost.

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Because of these statements, Colonel Panya Nirtimanon, who was the first police officer to accompany the chef after the crime, recently spoke on the program Vamos a ver and assured that his team has enough evidence to prove that the Spanish with intent to kill. the surgeon.

“It’s not an accident, no. It was no accident that Edwin Arrieta’s skull was broken, Daniel Sancho grabbed his head and hit it in the sink. It is accredited. Everything coincides with Daniel’s confession, consistent with all the biological evidence,” said the uniformed man in the television space.

Juango Ospina, one of the lawyers of the Arrieta family, also mentioned the statement given by Daniel, after pleading innocent, and stressed that the forensic report clearly shows that it was not an accidental killing.

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“The autopsy in the case of Daniel Sancho does not open the door that it was an accidental murder. The final autopsy report maintains that Edwin suffered a violent death due to knife wounds. We believe that we are dealing with a issue that is more than a simple murder,” he told OK Diario.

The killing of the Colombian doctor, without a doubt, continues to cause great panic around the world. In addition, on November 27 in Thailand, the start of the trial against Daniel Sancho was postponed, which was scheduled for December 12.

This announcement, as expected, sparked all kinds of questions and reactions. One of the first to speak was Beatriz Uriarte, another lawyer for Edwin’s family, who assured that Sancho’s defense is trying to delay the process.

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