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The third lane of the highway going to Buenos Aires was tendered in 2021 but is still stalled

The construction of a third lane at the beginning of the highway to Buenos Aires, between the Circulación and the A012 route, including a new bridge over the Saladillo stream, has been a draft executive project, a joint venture tendered and an assigned budget for this year, but is still in the tussle to sign the contract. In such a situation, the plan has come to a standstill.

It’s not just about this specific case. In contrast, most infrastructure works were shrouded in economic uncertainty that produced high inflation and rescheduling of prices that did not satisfy the contracting companies.

The remodeling of the highway was announced more than two years ago and a deadline of 24 months was set for its completion.

As such, it was announced that it was being expanded with a third lane between Circunvalación and the A012, a 9 kilometer section, to specify an embankment and asphalt on the central flowerbed, Saladillo stream. And in Alvear is on the bridges. and the resurfacing of Route 33 between Pujato and Zavalla. All this under an initial budget of over 3,500 million pesos.

“The third lane on the highway to the Federal Capital represents a great advantage for the high traffic of the industrial area and all the movement of cargo and passenger transport as well as conglomerates, and cars that travel daily,” he told La Capital Told Fabio Sanchez, director of the National Highway District Santa Fe.

The expansion included two bridges over the Saladillo Stream, one in each direction of circulation. These new viaducts, 144 meters long, will have three lanes per arm, so the existing structures will have to be demolished.

Similarly, with the removal of the existing ones, another two new bridges will be built on the miter rail tracks at km 283. Another important piece of information is the construction of a bridge to complete the access interchange to Alvear via Piedrabuena Street.

The project also establishes an income and expense adjustment at the existing interchange that connects the highway to Villa Gobernador Gálvez via Provincial Route 22.

All these road works in Gran Rosario should be complemented with new horizontal demarcation of the road and appropriate vertical signage for the third lane across the section.

Up there, the “technical sheet” of a project that hasn’t yet signed a contract. In Between is a story very similar to the other major works. It should be remembered that the project was included in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract model, which was used during the administration of former President Mauricio Macri, which provided for an initial project. However, with the final guidelines already in place, the winning firm was a Transitory Union of Companies (UTE) made up of companies with a local seal.

Therefore, the executive project, which already has a draft and details to adjust the details along the National Highway, awaits the signing of the final contract. However, with the departure of the nation’s now former finance minister, Martín Guzmán, began to disintegrate with the prices of construction materials.

The problem lies in the update rate; Prices fluctuate so much that it puts a brake on definitions.

In the case of bridges, they have a higher cost than the embankment and the asphalt layer that represents the 9 kilometers of the third lane. Each pipeline consists of steel and concrete, updated with skyrocketing dollars and in a short time surpassing the official budget for tenders.


Though the budget should be updated with the signing of contracts, the tussle is on among businessmen, who are now questioning some points of the price update index, which has been approved by the Ministry of Public Works. As an example, the values ​​assigned to fuels are calculated in the federal capital when inland their cost is significantly higher and their supply complex.

Debates are given at the national level for all public works. In this case and in other cases, the idea is to complete the task, but everything comes back to the same: the parties have to agree on the initial amount, current values, rescheduling of prices and variables as applicable. What do they mean in terms of inflation?

In addition to the third lane, what was included in that bidding package was the resurfacing of 14 kilometers of National Route 33, between kilometers 754 and 768, that is, between the jurisdictions of Pujato and Zavalla. The work comes to complete a portion of this corridor that was left without repair by the previous concession, canceled by the Ministry of National Public Works for non-compliance. and they included milling, patching and resurfacing of the road, and an interchange of the 33 with the A012 located between the two towns. The period of execution of works was calculated in eight months.

Another masterpiece crippled

Another paradigmatic work that suffers a similar effect of paralysis due to the effects of inflation is the Monument to the Flag. Last December it was announced that its remodeling is entering the definition phase. But still the allocation of tasks remains on standby. The two companies that submitted their bids to complete the project submitted amounts that were almost double the planned budget.

Apparently, the legal sector of the nation’s Ministry of Public Works has drawn up a proposal for its preparation which will later be presented to the Secretary of Public Works for signing off on the award. But here too the effects of inflation delayed the processes.

The “novelty” of the monument’s parts has dragged on for years and the announcements all had the last president as the protagonist. There were stages that were announced and then reformatted, delayed and halved.

After a lot of effort by the municipality, the tenders for the works were done on July 18. At the end of September envelopes were opened with proposals from two companies interested in carrying out the work: Dioscon SA from Rosario, and Cosival SA from San Nicolás.

The problem, as with the joint venture interested in building a third lane of the highway to Buenos Aires, is that both proposals comfortably exceeded the official budget of 500 million pesos to complete the work. The Rosario Construction Company quoted them at 967 million, nearly double that, and the Nicollean firm quoted them at 1,024 million. And the difference in zodiac signs enhances the adjudication of actions.

The proposal evaluation phase delayed all initial deadlines due to this factor: companies do not want to launch tenders that have yet to be defined with unbalanced prices.

If signed off this month, the long-awaited remodeling will include unfinished portions of previous phases that were “renovated”:lHe recovered the base of the tower, the mast, the bow fountain, the side passages that are next to the civic patio, the Propylaea, the esplanade of the Oath Passage, the Hall of the Flags, the exhibition hall that is below the grating of the tower and the approaches. In addition an access ramp will be built and a chair lift will be installed.

In addition, the elevator to the Tower View Point will be repaired, the bar will be renovated, and the civic patio and atrium will be thoroughly cleaned.

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