The threads already have a landing date in Europe and only a few hours left

Contador Threads

Few social networks in the past have aroused as much anticipation and curiosity as Meta’s Threads, an application directly taken from X, the old Twitter, and which until now has not been available to users in the European Union.

But finally, although there is no official announcement yet, users in the European Union will be able to download, register and use Threads next December 14 from 12:00 in the morningso if you want to find a good pseudonym for the account, you should be one of the first to register.

Since the launch of Poisons Last July in places like the United States and the United Kingdom, many users in the European Union were wondering if this Meta application would definitely work for them.

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But if you access the Threads website from any of the countries of the European Union, a counter will appear with the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds until the launch of this social network in your territory.

On the other hand, if you search for the term “ticket” or the term “ticket” within the Instagram application, you will get a direct access to download Threads if you are in these European Union countries, although in our case the date of its original launch in the United States appears on the invitation ticket.

The reason for the delay in Threads in the European Union has to do with Digital Markets Law (DMA), as this legislation imposes strict rules regarding user consent and data protection.

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Contador Threads

It is not clear what changes have been made to Meta Threads so that it can be launched in the European Union within hours, but what is important for users is to start using this new social network as soon as possible. time.

The departure of Threads from the European Union will allow the social network to have a new boost in registrations and active accounts, with the hope that it can end as it did in the first days of existence.