The tow truck cannot tow the vehicle with the driver inside by backing up

The tow truck cannot tow the vehicle with the driver inside by backing up

The driver of a car that was supposed to be removed by a tow truck in Miami resisted and put the car in reverse gear to counteract the force it was being towed.

The images were captured by the cell phone camera of some young people (obviously Cuban) who witnessed the scene from a nearby balcony and shared it at the scene of the incident. lmfaomy.

The reasons why the vehicle was reported are unknown, but the truth is that the driver of the tow truck hung his front wheels and proceeded to remove it from the area.

However, apparently, the owner of the car entered it and decided to resist removing it, without thinking of a better idea than to put it in reverse gear and stop the progress of the crane.

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After a short trip in this way, the tow truck driver stopped taking the car and released it for the peace of its owner.

The scene may have two violations of the law, because the tow truck cannot transport a car with people inside. But the driver of a car cannot stop it by entering once it is stuck in the crane.

The situation is similar to that experienced in the middle of September by the driver of a car in Miami, who He parked the wrong way and the tow truck came to take the car away..

However, the man got into it in the middle of the operation and refused to get out until the police intervened and arrested the offender, after unsuccessful negotiations to get him out of his car.

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The afternoon progressed and the man continued to block his car even after the tow truck lifted it from behind. The words of the police are also ineffective.

Until they took out their weapons and pointed at the driver of the car. That’s when he agreed to leave and was detained by the police, who handcuffed him to a patrol car, allegedly arrested for “resistance to authority.”