The Toyota Prius GR, the plug-in hybrid has a more radical and sporty version of the GRMN

The Toyota Prius GR, the plug-in hybrid has a more radical and sporty version of the GRMN

The part of hybrid vehicles This has proven to be an excellent gateway to electrification and can also result in models with interesting features. An example of the above is Toyota Prius recently, especially in its plug-in hybrid Prime version.

on Mexico we have the normal hybrid version of it Toyota but in other regions of the world there are different Prime, which is a plug-in hybrid and gives it a versatile power of 220 horsepower; we hope to see the variant Prime in the future for our country.

However, it never hurts to give it a little sportiness and Toyota I will prepare a completely radical special edition.

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Toyota Prius GRMN, a dream come true

A few months later, we met Toyota Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition a concept that takes the hybrid, giving it a racing and tuning car look, with aerodynamic elements, high-performance wheels and tires, and a spoiler for the back.

However, it remains only that, a concept, but the special media in Japan Best Car shows a report that the Japanese brand will consider a variant whose name is GRMN what is “Gazoo Racing Masters at the Nürburgring“.

The interesting thing about this is that this variant will be more radical than the version Prime, because it will use the same block, but can increase the power to 300 horsepower. Apart from this, exterior additions with aerodynamic features and interior sportiness are expected.

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Toyota goes even further with this Prius

It is expected that there will be various suspension and steering additions, as well as structural rigidity that the model will bring.

On the other hand, we do not believe that we will see it Mexico, but yes for other regions of the world such as Europe, Japan and the United States. Apart from the fact that it still needs to be seen officially, because we will see a variant for Supra on Toyota also known as GRMN and more radical.

In the meantime, we are looking forward to seeing the Toyota Prius Prime because it will be a plug-in hybrid very competitive cost in Mexico.

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