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The “triangle of death”: the area where you should never get a pimple


This isn’t a horror movie or a region of the world you don’t want to explore. He The Triangle of Death refers to an area of ​​your face that includes the upper lip, nose and the space between the eyebrows. The sinister name it receives is due to the great risk that a pimple can burst in this area.

The dermatologists They always advise against popping grains. Well, you could transport the contents into the skin, which would lead to complications like scars and more visible acne. Doing this in the Triangle of Death poses greater danger and additional pain. In this part of the face it’s easy cause serious and even fatal infections.

“Theoretically it is possible cause meningitis and other central nervous system infections, because it is an area that is very close to the brain,” he explains Business Insider Dermatologist Dr. Corey L Hartman.

Do you want to identify it exactly? do one Triangle with your hands so that the tip formed by the index fingers lies in the middle of the eyebrows, and the lower corners lie in the corners of the mouth. This is the area you should never touch with your acne.

Why getting a pimple on this part of your face is so dangerous

In this part of your face is “a “highway” directly to the brain. So the bacteria on your skin could invade this organ, which could have dire consequences for you.

This is because the The triangle of death houses the cavernous sinus, a network of veins and nerves located behind the eye sockets that drain blood from the brain.

An infection could be a cause here cavernous sinus thrombosis or a blood clot, Blockage of blood flow to the brain. This can cause a number of serious and life-threatening problems including: Health:

  • Brain abscess (pus causing swelling of the brain)
  • Brain infection
  • Damage to the facial nerves, including paralysis of the eye muscles.
  • meningitis
  • lung infection
  • Septic emboli (infected blood clots traveling through the bloodstream)
  • stroke

Hartman clarifies that the deeper the pimple and the more infected it is, the greater the risk, although deaths are “extraordinarily rare.”

Symptoms and signs that something is wrong include: severe headaches and inflammation of the periphery of the eyes. If left untreated, development can lead to restricted eye movements, double vision, vision loss and fever. Seizures, confusion or apathy, aphasia and ultimately death, according to otolaryngologist Carlos Arévalo.

How to safely remove pimples in the triangle of death

The The best way to treat acne is to follow the advice of a specialist. It is a complex disease for which there are no miracle cures. The dermatologist will look for the best treatment for each case, with an emphasis on regulating excess sebum and preventing follicle clogging.

If you are still ready to take advantage of the pimple that has appeared, then that is it Ways to make this process less risky. When removing a pimple on the Death Triangle or any other part of your body, the first thing you should do is make sure your hands are clean. Focus on Spaces under the nails, as bacteria usually occur there.

Remove impurities from your face and Apply a hot compress to the area for 10 or 15 minutes. This will bring the pus to the surface and speed up the healing process, advises dermatologist Alok Vij of the Clevenland Clinic.

Never tear off the top of the grain with your fingernails. Instead, “apply even pressure downward around the pimple,” says Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai in New York. do it with me a cotton swab or the soft part of your fingertip.

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