The “trick” that many drivers charge their electric cars for free every day

Currently the electric car is reserved for one type of customer with medium or high purchasing power. Or at least that is the perception of many. But the reality is that there are factors that make it most interesting for low income earners. which their Owners can upload for free. All thanks to the many points that do not require payment to use.

And that the electric car should not be limited to high incomes. Even less if we see that in many places it is possible to fully or partially recharge batteries in establishments that have additional service to attract customers, or simply to help popularize the technology.

These points can also play an important role in helping drivers who do not have parking space. Something where paid charging stations are also added, but with popular prices that also act as an attraction for the customers.

In the United Kingdom, the specialist portal ZapMap has recently estimated that approximately Of the 35,000 public charging points across the UK, 5,500 are free to use. Points located in places such as supermarkets, shopping centers, as well as hotels and private parking.

Ginny Buckley, the founder and CEO of, has indicated thatIt needs the right infrastructure to get everyone in an electric car, giving people the confidence to know they can charge. “Whether you’re staying overnight at a hotel, visiting a tourist attraction, or at your local supermarket, there are plenty of free charging points.”

The "trick" that many drivers charge their electric cars for free every day
Points of 50 kW or more for free use

In the case of British customers, the Zap Map website offers within its filters the possibility to add customers who offer free recharge. A “trick” or a tool that makes it easier for users to choose from, for example, a supermarket that offers them a free charge when they shop.

If we take a look at the map with the filter for free stations, we see that there are 3 kW points, most between 11 and 22 kW, but also with hundreds of digits of 50 kW or more Available for free use. Interestingly, the latter are concentrated mainly in the northern part of the country, on the territory of Scotland.

Do you know any application that shows free points in Spain? If so, share it with us and with the rest of the readers.


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