The trucks lowered their prices by almost 3 million pesos


Prices of used trucks have dropped by nearly 3 million pesos in the last 12 months, enough to make it an excellent buying opportunity.

According to the figures provided by Chileautos, in October 2022 the average price of a used car was equal to $13,942,358 and this year it is $12,609,828, which represents a decrease of 12.8%.

According to Caroline Klee, Marketing Manager Latam Chileautos – CarGroup, “this reduction responds to a normalization of prices, after the increase recorded during the pandemic, and to the lowering of demand, where the supply increases to attract buyers consumer.” stood up.

Continuing the breakdown of the last study, one of the categories that saw the most decline in its prices was pickup trucks with a decrease of $2,495,806, which is equivalent to -16.0%. It is followed by the SUV category with a decrease of 13.6% ($2,227,873) and finally passenger cars: hatchback with -11.5% ($1,228,290) and sedan with a decrease of 9.5%% ($994,063).

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Below, we reveal the average price of used cars:

The Trucks Lowered Their Prices By Almost 3 Million Pesos

Regarding this low trend, Klee also confirmed that “the reduction in prices should continue in the coming months, so we believe that this is a good time to buy a used car,” he concluded. .

The most wanted trucks

The Trucks Lowered Their Prices By Almost 3 Million Pesos

Most searched cars

On the other hand, within all segments: trucks, SUVs, hatchbacks and sedans, the most sought-after car corresponds to the Chevrolet Silverado truck with a price difference of -5.3%, the second place corresponds to the Toyota SUV Rav 4 with a drop. by 12.1%, followed by a hatchback Suzuki Baleno with a price reduction of 17.4%.

This decrease of almost 3 million pesos in the price of used cars is undoubtedly a tempting opportunity for all people who want to buy or change their car.

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